The All-Guilford HS Boys and Girls Basketball Teams will be in the News and Record this Someday

Where are those All-Guilford basketball teams?  The News and Record usually has the teams in the paper no later than Easter weekend.

This year it’s looking like the N&R will release the teams on Labor Day weekend.  I talked to Jasmine Gill’s mom and she said the paper told her to watch for Friday April 27.  My High Point sources heard from Allison Spivey’s dad that the All-Guilford teams would show up in Sunday’s paper on Easter weekend.(Gill attends Page and Spivey goes to High Point Central)

We had our top five All-Guilford players posted at seven weeks ago.  They were and I am doing this by memory, boys:Josh Chavis and Kenny Belton from Dudley, Johnny Thomas from Greensboro Day, Mezie Uzochukwu from Northeast Guilford, and Jermaine Armstrong from High Point Central.

The girls top five included:Trumae Lucas and Nicole Hargraves from Grimsley, Mercedes King from Northeast Guilford, Jasmine Gill from Page, and Sierra Little from Dudley.  Allison Spivey put up a good arguement so she may be ready to knock one of the other girls out and Asha Hardaway from Northwest Guilford said she wanted in too.

Come on N&R we are counting on you.  Give us your decision and the date the teams will be published and we will announce it here at  We are waiting and what’s it gonna be?  Is Mr. Keech or Mr. Hass looming out there somewhere with some inside information for us?

Watch for your News and Record with the All-Guilford basketball teams coming this Someday.  Joe Sirera says it’s a done deal.