I never thought I’d see this:Spring Football Practice for Middle-Schoolers

Spring football practice is under way for Middle School boys over at Grimsley High School.  I never thought I’d see it but the way things are changing we might see Middle School boys in the NFL next year.

The kids are practicing for three weeks Monday-Thursday and it all got started this past Monday afternoon.  The kids come from all over Guilford County and they are not just running around; they are in full-pads, full-gear, going Full Speed.

This is serious business and the funding to run the spring practice camp comes from the NFL.  The kids are wearing jerseys with JPD on the front and that stands for Junior Player Development.

The local practices are affiliated with the Carolina Panthers and while the workouts are going on in Guilford County there’s a similar camp under way over in Forsyth County.

The workouts at Grimsley are conducted mainly by Grimsley coaches and Athletic Director Lewis Newman is lending a helping hand.  The camp began last year on a grant from the NFL and to my knowledge it doesn’t cost the kids anything to attend.  Last year’s spring practice was held at Smith High School.

After the Middle-Schoolers finish their work it will be time for the High School boys to get in their three weeks of practice.  After the High School boys complete the 3 week workout they will travel over and have a scrimmage competition against the Forsyth County kids.

For more information about what’s going on here, do what I did.  Go over to Grimsley High School one afternoon sometime in the next few weeks and take a look for yourself.  The practices run Monday-Thursday from 6pm until dark.  You’ll see some kids standing only 3 feet tall going from station to station in full pads with their eyes on the sky and the NFL.  

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    Nice job reporting on local youth and high school sports in the triad.
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