Keyshawn is Gone:Good move or Bad move for the Panthers?

The Carolina Panthers released 34 year-old wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson on Tuesday.  The 6’4 split end out of Southern Cal was with Carolina for one year and had 70 catches for 815 yards and four touchdowns. 

Panther coach John Fox said, “We appreciate the contribution of Keyshawn in his season with the Panthers.  He brought us high production, but at this time, we are in a situation in which we have a number of young receivers and thought this was the right time to make the decision.”       

The Panthers wanted new younger players.  Keyshawn Johnson supported former Panther offensive coordinator Dan Henning.  The Panthers brought in a new man to run their offense and Keyshawn had been running his mouth good or bad.  Now Keyshawn is looking for a new team.

The Panthers should have kept Keyshawn around long enough to at least help break in the new wide receivers like Dwayne Jarrett and Ryne Robinson.  Then they should have given Keyshawn Johnson the boot.

Keyshawn is Gone:Good move or Bad move for the Panthers?

3 thoughts on “Keyshawn is Gone:Good move or Bad move for the Panthers?

  1. The Carolina Panthers have screwed up again. They just got rid of a proven receiver. Keyshawn was a big play wide out. John Fox will be looking for a job in 2008. Jerry Richardson isn’t going to put up with this junk much longer.

  2. i heard something on the news last night that they had already given him his 3 million dollar bonus-any truth to that andy?

  3. They didn’t get rid of a proven receiver, and he definetly is NOT a big play wide out anymore if he ever was to begin with. Keyshawn is not only washed up, he is the most overhyped receiver in history. He had well under 1000 yards and only got to the endzone 4 times. I think Carolina made a good move here because they realized that it was a bad decision to sign him in the first place. He is just like T.O. or Randy Moss, the only difference is that you don’t get the production “with” the mouth. If I was Mr Fox, I wouldn’t want the “Key” to be breaking in any of my young wideouts to begin with. the only thing he has to teach them is how to run their mouths…

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