Greensboro – Hall of Chumps?

The Troublemaker has a story about the Greensboro Coliseum’s efforts to convert the old Coke (and later Canada Dry) bottling building into the “ACC Hall of Champions”. However, days earlier, the News & Record did a story about a private investor wanting to do the same downtown.

What’s the rush with the Coliseum?

With a valid private sector effort to put some serious cash on the table, the Coliseum fears losing the so called tourist attraction. GIVE ME A BREAK. This is not a “Hall of Fame”, it’s not a serious tourist destination, like the Civil Rights Museum. It’s just an empty building that its owners wanted to turn into a hotel/shopping complex; but then realized it was in the industrial blighted area that we call the coliseum.

I once worked for the largest privately held broadcast group in the US, after seeing all the basketball hype in TV from his home on the West Coast, the owner thought it might be a good idea to locate the television station he owns in Greensboro to the coliseum area. Based on what he saw on television, it must be the best area in Greensboro. Needless to say, when we took him to the coliseum, he didn’t even get out of his car.

The Coliseum wants MORE of our tax money to bring a few people to the coliseum area. Why throw more money down the drain on Lee Street, when there appears to be a generous private investor more than willing to spend his money to do the same?