The outcome of Carr?

The Greensboro News and Record reported in the weekend edition that Casey Bokhoven’s mom had sent a letter to WXII TV 12 with a special request for Tolly Carr the former award-winning sports reporter for XII.  Carr hit and killed Casey Bokhoven while driving drunk on the streets of Winston-Salem.

Bokhoven’s mom wants Carr to plead guilty to all charges including manslaughter and feels that Carr who is already in jail should stay in jail and continue to serve his multiple sentences.  Carr is due to be sentenced later this month.  Carr turned himself in to the authorities and has been in jail now for about three weeks.  Carr declined the possibility of bail and decided to stay in jail.

When all is said and done how long do you think Carr will have to serve?  How much total time will Carr spend in jail?  I will say he gets 10 years and has to serve to 6.  What’s the word on the street and what’s your word here at  Give us your predictions and comments and the person that is closest to the right term we will confer with our contact Cecil Carr at the Harris Teeter store at Guilford College and see if CC can get you a  Loaf of Bread and a Jug of Water.  Get it, bread and water?  How’s this for another fine promotion?

What do you say we chew on this for a few days?  I look forward to seeing your comments.  We may as well be creative with these special events while the topics are still hot and the rest of sporting events are running a bit quiet on the home front.


25 thoughts on “The outcome of Carr?

  1. I read about a similar case to this out in Arizona. The bus driver had been drinking and hit a pedestrian and the man was killed instantly. The bus
    driver got 15 years and ended up serving 5. The Arizona case was also on
    Crime TV and I wonder if the Carrr case will show up there eventually too.
    I say Carr will get 15 and only have to serve 3 years because of his high
    profile and the fact that he turned himself in and has begun serivng his
    time already. Carr’s church will speak out on his behalf and maybe even
    protest for his release but Carr will have to serve 3 three years and will
    be out on good behavior and it will be noted that he was a public servent
    and he did a lot of good things in his community while he was on TV.
    He won’t be eating much bread or drinking a lot water but I heard he was drinking beer again the before he turned himself in. I guess that rehab
    program didn’t do him much good. Put me down for 15/3. JB

  2. I think the guy at the grocery store should have to serve time too. Harris Teeter is a bunch of crooks. I can’t believe their prices.

  3. I agree that “Hairy Tweeter” has very high prices, but that is no reason for Mr Carr to serve hard time. It is not his fault. I say Mr Carr #1 will serve 2 -5 years, while Mr Carr #2 will serve 2 weeks community service for working for a bunch of crooks, he can come over here and cut my grass…

  4. Maybe WXII should run Tolly Carr’s mug shot as a reminder at random times, down in the corner where they always have the seethru network logos.

    They could have him sometimes making a face and saying “I can’t see…” then showing what’s coming on next, or smiling and saying “I’m in jail and will miss…” when something crappy comes on. My bet is the smiling Tolly will end up running during 80% of the NBC schedule, if WXII is honest now.

    They could take some new mug shots for variety too.

  5. Look I assure you all that I am innocent. HT is great quality and exceptional customer service. That does not make us crooks. You pay for what you get. That is no reason to serve time. I will cut grass for 50 dollars per hour. Once again small price to pay for good quality and exceptional customer service. I can cut it this Sat. Weed eating and bush trimming is an extra charge. Tolly should at least serve 10 yrs. min.

  6. Felony death and felony injury carry terms of 47 and 25 months respectively. I would not expect him to get the maximum sentences due to his previously clean record. All sorts of rumors and hearsay about Tolly have spread across the internet ranging from his frequent late night drinking binges to even threatening mob style executions. I believe that Tolly should serve a minimum of five years behind bars. That being said, rules are rules, and our society has determined what penalties should be in a case such as this. My call on this case, given the facts, is that Mr. Carr will be sentenced to three years and serve 12 to 18 months. You can’t change the rules of the game after it has been played.

    Why should Carr plead guilty to a manslaughter charge that hasn’t even been levied against him? In his mindset, he can do more good for himself, his family and his community if his sentence is indeed lighter from a “hard time” perspective. What will years of hard time buy our community? Put him to work. Let the state give this high profile man a high profile sentence. Probation, coupled with publicly humiliating and embarrassing community service is the best way to punish a man like Tolly Carr. Make him talk to children, attend AA meetings, drive a moped, pick up garbage on the side of the highway, do janitorial work, etc…etc.

    Sending him “up the river” will only cause people to forget and go back to their everyday lives of ignoring the everyday drunk drivers with their lowly community status.

  7. You should give away a tank of gas because that will get you more value than a loaf of bread and a jug of water. Carr would look real slick out there on I-40 West at the Hawthorne Curve doing a WXII traffic report while riding his Moped. Give Tolly the gas and let him hit the streets and the bricks and do his community serivce. Maybe he could mow that lady’s yard. Carr will get 10 and serve two with time served taken into consideration.

    Harris Teeter is a good store and when I win I’ll take a loaf of Rasin/Cinamon Bread and a Jug of Desani.

    For the guy that’s mowing yards I’ve got a five acre field and if he’ll do that for $50.00 we have a deal. I don’t need any weedeating or trimming, just a clear cut.

    On a similar note is it within the right of the law or just plain legal for Media people to drink alcohol at Sporting Events they are supposed to be covering? I’m talking about Carolina Panthers games, NASCAR events, baseball, basketball, hockey, etc. I read recently how the Boxer Rebellion of China was created by Media people out in Denver, Col. that were sitting around drinking and they fabricated a story that ran in papers world-wide about the Great Wall of China coming down and then the Chinese rebelled and killed hundreds all because of a story concocted by a bunch of drunk newspapermen out in Denver. I was wondering about this as it would apply to sportswriters, TV men and others who cover the games.

  8. Hey guys, good topic. Carr is out in 18 months. This is my first trip to the site and I’ll be back soon. FYI:I mow yards too.

  9. Tolly will be released later this month time served and that is it. No probation, no extras. Tolly has suffered enough. He is a good man that turned himself in and did not run from the circumstances. Many of you are harshly judging Tolly and that is not the right thing to do. Tolly is a friend to us all and he tried to help everyone he could at his church and in the community. Tolly should walk out of that jail a free man today but he will let justice run it’s course and wait till the end of the month. Tolly has done what it right and I support him all the way and I am asking the rest of you to please join me in full suupport of our friend and brother Tolly Carr.
    Reverend Jeffrey Davis-Charlotte, NC

  10. i bet he is sitting somewhere right now drinking a miller lite-he will get 5years and serve six months

  11. Mr. Tolly Carr needs our help and support right now. Please do not trash this fine young man. He is a pillar in the community and he is reaching out to us and begging for your mercy.

  12. It’s a flat tire for Tolly Carr. He gets things all pumped up and is rolling again soon. We need to hire Cecil Carr to mow Tolly’s yard while TC is away and send the bill to WXII TV 12. How about it Mr. C?

  13. You guys are talking like TC is the victim here— are we going to hear about the rough childhood that he had raised by his grandmother all the usual excuses— give him the max with Big Bubba as his cellmate.

  14. There is only ONE that Tolly should be begging for mercy and they aren’t at this website. By the way, I will be in Washington DC this Thursday afternoon and I invite all you folks from NC to make the trip up. It will be a special afternoon as we discuss how you can turn your life around, lose weight, get out of debt and just be happy again. Visit my website for more information. God Bless.


  16. I spoke to Tolly yesterday and just wish that the people out there hating on him could see the true remorse in his eyes and words. I told him that he needed to do what what right for himself and our society. He IS remorseful about this and I just wish people could see through the anger. Don’t wish ill will on Casey’s supporters for the anger. We must realize that they need support during this tragic time and even if we don’t agree with many of their beliefs. Smoking weed, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol and beleiving that Jesus Christ hates you are prime examples of poeple who need our prayers, not our scorn.

  17. This converstion is strarting to sound like a cult movement. Many of you want to hurt Tolly and that is not right. I don’t think we should be going to Washington, DC like the Bishop Jakes was saying but we need to be going to Winston-Salem and visit Tolly while he is locked up. Tolly needs us and this can’t be all Talk. Join me in visiting Tolly while he is in the Forsyth County Jail. Let’s back Tolly because he needs us now more than ever. I like what the man was saying when he said he would mow yards to help Tolly. I think it was the other Carr man that said he would help out. The other Carr man that mow’s the yards he is a true African-American and I wish others of you would join in on the cause because the Carr brothers need you. Tolly in jail and the other Carr fella out there mowing those yards to raise money to help Tolly. Let’s all band together to make this a good Mother’s Day for the Carr boys and their mom. Thank you.

  18. Lord help us all and especially the Carr brothers. TC will be free in three, 3 months. I know people that know his lawyers and they have some very strong evidence supporting Tolly that has never been made public.

  19. The courts will decide. Us sitting here babling on and on is totally meaningless, but it is kinda fun. I still say Tolly should recieve a good firm punishment for his actions, I don’t think he will, but he should. Drinking and driving is a serious problem and this would be a good chance for us to make a public statement that if you drink and drive and something like this happens, it WILL ruin your life. It should ruin your life. Think of what it did to so many other peoples lives! We need to stand together and try to put an end to this. It is a decision to drink and drive, it doesn’t just happen. If you are the type of person that cannot control yourself when you are drinking, YOU SHOULD NOT BE DRINKING!!!

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