The outcome of Carr?

The Greensboro News and Record reported in the weekend edition that Casey Bokhoven’s mom had sent a letter to WXII TV 12 with a special request for Tolly Carr the former award-winning sports reporter for XII.  Carr hit and killed Casey Bokhoven while driving drunk on the streets of Winston-Salem.

Bokhoven’s mom wants Carr to plead guilty to all charges including manslaughter and feels that Carr who is already in jail should stay in jail and continue to serve his multiple sentences.  Carr is due to be sentenced later this month.  Carr turned himself in to the authorities and has been in jail now for about three weeks.  Carr declined the possibility of bail and decided to stay in jail.

When all is said and done how long do you think Carr will have to serve?  How much total time will Carr spend in jail?  I will say he gets 10 years and has to serve to 6.  What’s the word on the street and what’s your word here at  Give us your predictions and comments and the person that is closest to the right term we will confer with our contact Cecil Carr at the Harris Teeter store at Guilford College and see if CC can get you a  Loaf of Bread and a Jug of Water.  Get it, bread and water?  How’s this for another fine promotion?

What do you say we chew on this for a few days?  I look forward to seeing your comments.  We may as well be creative with these special events while the topics are still hot and the rest of sporting events are running a bit quiet on the home front.