The “To do list”

High school baseball playoffs get started on Friday and we will be at Grimsley as they host Charlotte Vance.  The AM 950 team will be broadcasting the game with the first pitch scheduled at 7pm and Ken Daly is set to be on the hill for the Whirlies. GHS is 17-10 and Vance checks in at 6-12.

Other action has 21-4 Northwest Guilford hosting 14-7 Mount Tabor, Page travels to meet Huntersville Hopewell(Pirates 18-8/HH 17-5), and Davie County(13-10) visits East Forsyth(19-6).  Triple H will be in Kernersville.

Those were the 4-A’s and in the 3-A East ranks it’s hit the road.  Dudley goes to South Granville, Northeast Guilford is at Pikeville Aycock, and Western Guilford makes the ride down East 85 to Southern Alamance.  In the 3-A West region we have China Grove at Southeast Guilford(17-5), Kannapolis Brown meets Ragsdale(21-3) in Jamestown and Mooresville goes to Southwest Guilford(20-5).

In the 2-A’s Eastern makes the trip down to Bunn.  Speaking of Eastern, senior Tasha Huntley made her basketball visit to Norfolk State last weekend and she may soon be a Spartan.  Area teams have not shown much interest so the Wildcat may be taking her game up to the Tidewater area of Virginia.  Her cousin Jeremiah Jenkins is now at GTCC and her little cousin Miranda Jenkins, who could eventually be the best ever, will be a freshman at Eastern Guilford next year, at least EG coach Tina Gunn is hoping she can keep Jenkins in and around Gibsonville.

Rumors are flying that former Ragsdale Flying Tiger Wes Pope may sign on as a QB for the Greensboro Revolution.  Pope would have been a senior at Elon next fall but he turned in paper for one of his classes that someone else did for him and Pope got the boot.  He turned himself in to his professor and the Prof was going to try to help Pope out but Pope’s Prof told another Professor and sought advice from that Prof on how to handle the situation and second Prof turned him in and Pope is history at Elon as far as playing football goes.

Pope would be one of the best things to ever to happen to the Rev.  He is a real passer.  This kid can complete passes and he can take a team down the field in a hurry and that’s what you need in arena football.  Pope would be the man.

In related Revolution news, the game this week with the Atlanta Thoroughbreds has been postponed.  The T’Breds mis-placed their field.  Yeah, the field and some of their equipment is missing.

In other news the Greensboro Grasshoppers are winning on the road and will be back home next Tuesday.  Fred Whitfield will represent the Charlotte Bobcats at the NBA draft lottery.  Fred who graduated from Southeast Guilford High School and played on my radio station pick-up basketball team a few years back continues on a fast-track to the big-time in sports.

Jeff Davis who played linebacker at Dudley and at Clemson has been named to the College Football Hall of Fame.  He now works in the athletic department at Clemson and is an ordained minister.  We have a Reverend Jeff Davis that comments on this web site, you never know.

The Carolina Dynamo will kick off their soccer season this Saturday night at home versus Nashville.  Game time is 7:30 in Macpherson Stadium at the Bryan Park Soccer Complex.  The state 1-A and 3-A high school state track and field meets for boys and girls will be held at NC A&T this weekend.

Finally, Barry Bonds is considered to be the Steroids King but what about all of the Baltimore Orioles that are being investigated?  Six former Orioles; with Sammy Sosa, Rafael Palmeiro, and Jerry Hairston Jr. among those on the list.  It makes you wonder how that Baltimore is always doing something illegal but still can’t win any games.

As the great sportsman Jim Rome would say, “Good night now”.     

12 thoughts on “The “To do list”

  1. Better check those facts on JD from Clemson. He’s not an ordained minister, but some Clemson fans have attributed his athletic ability to somewhat of a higher power.

    How bout something on the Rainbow/PUSH coalition’s complaint to the Atlanta Braves that they don’t have enough African American players? I’m sure the Brave’s management would much rather have more diversity and win less games. Can’t wait to see more whiteys in the NBA, can you?

  2. My bad. Today’s News and Record reports he IS an ordained minister or as the N&R says an ordained pastor. I still hold out hope that he is a minister and I want to believe that he is our Jeff Davis that comments here at
    We need a man of Davis’ power looking over us.

  3. I stand corrected, his Clemson football bio does not list that, nor did the piece on the tigernet, but his AD departmental info does list him as being ordained. “The Judge” is great man and much deserved of this honor.

    Did you mean the Rev. Jeffery Davis and his wife Angelica. You know, my pappy always told me…..

  4. I said a week ago lets not bring up the Orioles until they win something—it will take them years to recover from Ripken hanging around to long—he should have left about 4 years before he did he was washed up and only hung around to break a meaningless record when some young guy could have been learning his position–they are LOSERS.

  5. Northwest Guilford played their first round game on Thursday night and beat Mount Tabor 3-1. I was there and Logan Self pitched well for the Vikings and NWG played good defense. There were also some fine defensive plays turned in by the Mt. Tabor shortstop as noted by former NWG coach Sandy Gann and former NWG baaketball coach Roger Nelson. The elder Gann coached NWG to the State 4-A baseball championship back in 1998 when they beat current Cincinnati Red Josh Hamilton and Raleigh Athens Drive. Good luck to all the local teams in the playoffs tonight.

  6. triple-h says east forsyth will win big tonite we would like to get a rematch with grimsley-bring it on whirlies

  7. I see has about as much class as the CHEATER Wes Pope—if you think a cheater is the best think to ever happen to a football team something is wrong—if he plays for them I will never buy another ticket to a Rev game.

  8. This Pope kid sounds like a bad apple and not the kind of role model that this site should promote. The Revolution would be much better served to continue to field a team full of character players and not players like this kid. Greensboro can be proud of the Revolution, both for their on field performance and their off field citizenship. Go Rev!

  9. Give the kid a chance. We all have made mistakes. If this can help Wes Pope and the Rev at the same time it’s time to make it happen. People who live in glass houses should not be throwing bricks. This could become the biggest turn-around success story in the history of our city or Pope could fall flat on his face. We’ll never know unless we try. Just go back and look at Chris Columbus and his crew. I glad CC and his staff were given the chance to find out what’s on the other side. Aren’t You?

  10. LOL. A Texas Rangers fan talking about the Orioles and steroids. Where did Palmeiro, Sosa and the king himself, Canseco spend significant parts of their careers? Texas.

    And who owned the team at the time? Our commander-in-chief, George W. Bush. Come to think of it, if Bush did more of the “performance enhancing” drugs that his players used and less of the recreational drugs we know he preferred (blow), maybe the country wouldn’t be in the mess he’s gotten it into.

  11. Bruce is like all Orioles fans keep the subject on anything but the game—we can go back to the 70″s and talk about the good old days with the Orioles but bring up anything in recent years and we will change the subject—ban the Orioles from this site until they make the playoffs.

  12. Bruce you act like you are trying to sniff out a rat. All of the above mentinoned were smart enough to get out of Texas before they got caught. The former governor of Minnesota Jesse “The Body” Ventura said, “it ‘aint cheating if you don’t get caught”. It all stops at the Orioles dirty doorstep. For our other readers that follow the Rev, the Revolution have a player Tito Wooten on the the team that has served jail time, so why not give Wes Pope a chance, he only made a judgement error in college and he can still prove all of you wrong. He got caught but he is ready to move on and make things right by leading the local football to a championship.

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