Making Bad Decisions

The word I received this morning was not good news.  Confirmed by two sources, two Southeast Guilford baseball players were cited for under-age possesion of alcohol last Friday night.

The bad timing of this event is that it occured right after SEG had beaten RS Central to advance to the 3-A State Championship.  The timing would never be good but you have just won a huge game and now you’re set to play for the State Title, what were you thinking?

How crazy can you be?  The Falcons definitely made some bad decisions on this one.  The information we have is that the players were given a warning and that they were not arrested.

All of this happening and the entire Southeast community talking about it.  A former Southeast student bought the alcohol for the two baseball players and this kid that made the purchase is also still under 21 years of age.

There will be no major punishment imposed on the two current SEG players but man this was a stupid thing to do.  The kids will be allowed to play in Friday night’s championship game but will this be a distraction to the team?  Let’s hope not.

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  1. we all make mistakes-i just wonder if you can show anybody who hasnt been guilty of this same crime-i think not

  2. You are exactly right. I have made many a dumb decisions over the years
    and I am still paying for a few. We have to bounce back and as Jim Valvano
    used to say,
    “No matter what, don’t ever give up don’t ever stop trying”. I feel bad for
    these kids. I go to church with one of the kid’s grandfather and this is not a
    good thing but they will have to keep on trying to get it right.

  3. It sounds like Southeast Guilford is trying to cover this up. It is a disgrace that those caught with the alcohol will still be allowed to play but it just goes to show where Southeast Guilford’s priorities are. SEG is more hungry for the championship than doing what is right.

  4. After reading the News and Record’s follow-up article to Andy’s story about this incident, I was shocked by the quotes by the adults in this situation. Talk about making excuses. Great example to set for these young people. What kind of backwoods hillbillies are in charge at SEG? What a joke! Just as Starr said above, SEG’s priorities are in the wrong place.

  5. This is for all you nay sayers out there: Either you do not have teenage kids, or you are hiding under a rock. These kids at Southeast are not the only kids out there making mistakes -look in your own back yard! The last I heard, a misdeameanor in this country was not a reason to hang a person. Obviously, not a one of you out there know these kids, or you would not be crucifying them.
    They are good kids and come from good families. Most of us that have teen age kids know that they make mistakes, and we try to help them learn from those mistakes. Mine made their share of mistakes, and I would bet, so have most of yours out there! It sound like there is alot of jealousy toward the Southeast program and what they have accomplished. Instead of belittling these kids, why not get behind them and support them?

  6. First of all, the one’s who are against these baseball players probably do not even know them just heard the name. Who are you to be judging people you do not know? The SE principal and athletic director are handling the situation like they should, by following what is said in the handbook Mr. Robert. It is not a disgrace to SE either Starr, because the SE community is behind the baseball team and their players 100%. And for all the parents who are bashing the parents of these kids and the teenagers, why don’t you look at your own kids for once, do you follow them when they leave the house? are you sure they are going where they say they are going? I doubt it. Its called REALITY people!! Im sure this is not the first time you have heard of a posession citation and there are a lot of worse things out there. All News & Record likes to do is put negative things in their paper about SE. It was never a big issue until they brought the subject up. It must be jealousy with the other schools who should be supporting their Guilford County team in the State Championship who like to call into the newspaper. Get a life!! But on a good note: SE play hard and give it all you got at states and bring home the big win!!

  7. You don’t know these kids or their families or you would not be making the remarks some of you are making. All the boys on SE Varsity are a good bunch of kids and most of them have played ball together since they were on a TBall team. So a couple of them made a mistake and got caught, but let me assure you that they are not the only one’s doing this and it’s not happening in just the SE area. As was said earlier (check your own backyards!).

    There seems to be alot of jealousy out there about how the SE team has advanced. I hope they go all the way because they deserve it. KEEP YOUR HEADS UP BOYS! Your families and friends are behind you! GO FALCS!!!!!

  8. AMEN Fan! After all the negative comments I’ve seen , lets put something positive out here – I hope the SE players go out there and win it all! There’s a whole team of guys out there just chompin’ at the bit to win this thing. Hold your head up high fellows, and PLAY BALL! Your community is behind you 100%

  9. Fan: When you say that all the N&R likes to do is print negative articles about Southeast, does that include the glowing feature story about the baseball team last week? What abouot the three or four stories I’ve seen abouot SE so far this year. Show me one negative SE story this year — Just one — and dinner is on me.

    Fan: Is it true that the students did not violate the substance abuse policy. Call it perfect timing on the sheriff’s deputy. These kids were accomplices in buying beer and were abouot to consume it. Don’t you think the spirit of the honor code was broken here? Hey, I know they made a mistake. They are kids and they are going to make mistakes. I doon’t fault them as much as I do the gutless decision by the school officials who don’t have the charachter to teach charachter. With all the alcohol-related deaths that have happened in and around Southeast in recent years, this is a terrible decision by school officials. What message does this send to students in the area? The rest of the Triad for that matter? No wonder the school officials declined comment. I’d have a hard time defending my decision, too.

  10. Roger the policy is if athletes have consumed and they had not. You can not assume that they were going to drink the beer either. Let me guess you are out of the SE community and have something against SE. awww keep pooring your heart out on how these students should not be playing cause your opinion does not matter! Oh and I didn’t say that all the negative things have been this year, its been over the past few years. Thank you.

  11. Move along people, there is nothing to see here!

    Did the kids drink alcohol? No. Did the kids drink at a school function? No. Does the school really have any jurisdiction here? No.

    If the school stretches past the written word from its policies, they get sued by the parents. These kids have done nothing, per the rules, to be suspended from the baseball team. That being said, the school should have no interest in this event due to the rules not being infringed upon no matter how close to the “fire” the students truly came.

    Let the parents and the autorities handle the issues. Just like when the kids don’t play for a state championship competing team.

    The real crime is the two wusses that had Smirnoff Ice’s in Pleasant Garden’s Baptist Church. Those two pansies are on the fast track to displaying their light footed loafers on the corner of Spring Garden and Tate St.

    Go Eagles! Don’t be like Tolly.

  12. Roger,
    You do not have the facts, and as stated before, those of you bashing these guys obviously do not know them. Unless you know what really happened, you are only sounding like a sore loser???
    HERE ARE THE FACTS: THEY DID NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DRINK!! THEY DID NOT VIOLATE THE SUBSTANCE ABUSE POLICY. END OF SUBJECT!!! How dare you assume to know what they were going to do? Do you know these guys? Were you there? Stop using the other incidents that have happened in the past for your hidden agenda. You obvioulsy are trying to do everything you can to keep this subject out there for whatever your own personal goal is. Is it worth it to you to try and ruin the lives of 2 kids for 1 mistake. Stop bashing these kids.

  13. Not bashing the kids, folks. They made a mistake. Who among us didn’t at that age (or now even). And yes, I don’t what their intentions were (just like you). They could very easily have been holding the beer in their car to keep it cold for the other two to drink. Perhaps they were buying all the beer at Huffs to foil all underage drinkers that night. Except that you and I know better than that. Again, I ask you: Is the spirit of the policy being honored here? As for the school, please don’t say they are bound to play these guys because of no alcohol passed between their lips. Regardlelss of whether a handbook violation occured, a coach has the authority to start a player just as he has the authority to bench a player. Sitting these two out for a game sends a strong message to students: We will not tolerate your association, however tenuous, with alcohol or drugs. And Fan, you assume incorrectly again. I am from SE. I will be rooting for the team this weekend. It’s the cowardly school officials I have contempt for.

  14. Roger,
    I do know these kids and their families .That is why I CAN say, you do not know their intentions! The remark you made regarding thier intention shows that you still are “bashing” them. You do not know the whole story. The school officals are not acting cowardly! Let it go.

  15. Let’s just thank the Sheriff for pulling the trigger on this thing before these guys started drinking. If the deputy doesn’t make his move when he does, the kids probably blowing a positive breathalizer. For anybody to think their intentions were otherwise, is just an ignorant fantasy. Stop making excuses and just be thankful for dumba$$ luck.

    Let the parents handle the discipline. Unfortunately, we are all to used to seeing kids of well-to-do families do their best to dodge responsibility rather than face the consequences. I can understand the anger of those who feel there should be greater penalties, but it is not for us to decide. Hopefully the parents will step up to the plate.

    Hey, if things go bad on Saturday, we’ll just chalk it up to the team being wasted.

    P.S.: Sheed Sucks.

  16. I agree with Rob in his early paragraphs on May 31st at 9:26 pm. Let’s focus on the games and get back to the other hot stove on Monday when things will probably start heating up in the kitchen again. The kids need to be able to have full attention on baseball right now. This is all part of growing up and with these new Web blogs growing up has taken on a whole new meaning. Andy Durham

  17. This is to ROB: First of all you have no idea what even happened. You called the other two kids wusses for having smirnoff ice then you are a complete idiot because the other two kids had nothing in their car. I know all of the kids involved and I am good friends with the other two kids. They all told me that all of the alcohol was in the two baseball players car. But you must be a big man to call two kids wusses you sound like you have no life and you get off to bashing 17-18 year old kids. Lets just say your a real real cool dude. Keep it up man you have a great life ahead of you. By the way those two kids you called wusses are on the banner in the southeast gym for being 1st team all state in their sports. So good job buddy you sound like your pretty smart haha.

  18. Sampson,
    Maybe you should read the newspaper. Robert Bell’s article from Thursday stated….

    “The other car, occupied by Randall Sanford Brooks II, 19, and Dustin Lineback, 18, contained a six-pack of Smirnoff malt beverages.”

    I stand by my earlier statement. Since they are 18 and 19 years olds, I’ll feel as if I have been vindicated and can continue to spew my opinions across the airwaves. Get Robert Bell to print a retraction, and I’ll do the same. They could have just been holding the Smirnoff Ice for some special young ladies. Alcohol might actually have assisted Linebeck in some consensual activities rather than the charges he has faced in the past.

    As I said before, let the parents and the authorities handle the discipline. Leave the tasteless comedy to hacks like us!

  19. Rob alls you are is a big loser buddy. Your still on here arguing and have no idea. Was that reporter there, not at all. Hey man Im sure you don’t really have a life so have fun on here big man, I’m sure you haven’t done anything like this in your life before I bet your perfect. But keep it real talking junk about minors your a big man.

  20. Sampson: I went looking for a score from tonight’s SE game and stumbled across this blog. Everyone has a right to their opinions here. One that I take exception to is your insinuation that my reporting is innacurate. Not true. Only five people know how that night played out. Four teen-agers and a sheriff’s deputy. The deputy said the alcohol was in the players’ truck. In the two dozen calls I’ve received so far (some defending the players, most outraged at what they believe to be a lack of leadership at the school), nobody has contested the fact that alcohold was in the players’ truck. This includes parents of the players involved. If you have first-hand information refuting this, I welcome your call so I can set the record straight. Otherwise please stick to the facts. Thanks

  21. Come’on now Robert, we can’t expect poor ole Sampson to actually throw out factual information on here.

    While Sampson was claiming I have “no life”, he failed to see that he was posting this on a FRIDAY night. DOH! Nice job Homer.

    Anybody have the score of last night’s game? Sad thing is, I was actually pulling for SEG to win this thing, but am slowly drifting towards the middle with every one of Sampson’s jackhole posts.

    Practice what you preach. Be a “big man” and call the News and Record. Set the record straight since you have all this first hand information. If not, just continue cowering in the darkness and posting on this website Friday nights.

  22. Robert Bell

    There are alot of people in the community that think that the GDN&R should have never reported this incident. I attended the state games and there was nothing but support for these young men. Once again the crap you put in your paper has done nothing but bring our community together in support of SEG athletics. I do believe you have probably had more people call in opposition to your article than you have had people for it. If your job is to do damage to high school athletes when they make mistakes that are being handled in the proper ways by parents and the school then maybe you should write for the National Enquirer. The GDN&R should be embarassed!!

  23. Hey Duck…the people who should be embarassed are the parents of these kids for the terrible example they are setting for their children. Sure, kids make mistakes and that is certainly what happened here. The problem is the attitude of the adults. What message are you sending your kids? Make excuses and pretend something didn’t happen and it will just go away. The N&R is not at fault here. What they published was the truth. I feel bad for these kids if they have to go before a judge. Kids- “You see your honor, we didn’t actually drink it”. Judge – “You broke the law by buying it.” Kids- “We didn’t drink it.” Judge – “You me excuses very well.” Kids – “That how our parents taught us.”

  24. Shining Star…what are you talking about?? You know nothing about how these families are handling this situation and for you to insinuate the parents pretend nothing ever happened and it will all go away is absurd! You have no clue what these parents are doing and frankly it’s not ANYBODY’S business what they do! Don’t go putting words in these kid’s mouth…and unless you live under the same roof as these families, then keep your opinions of these people to yourself!

  25. Yeah, its the media’s fault. Maybe we should ask them to stop printing news. From I am reading, printing factual information offends people and should be halted permanently.

    Now that the Southeast Guilford community is banding together to fight the evil media outlets, what is the plan? Will the SEG community completely boycott the N&R? Sounds like a good start, but what is the literacy rate in that part of the county? Oh, nevermind.

  26. Why are we still worrying about this situation? This whole ordeal should have been dropped!!! These boys have learned theie lesson. Leave it at that.

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