Grasshoppers: One Millionth Fan This Weekend

The Grasshoppers only play two games this weekend; but at some point, probably Sunday, the ONE MILLIONTH FAN will enter the gates of the new stadium.  I couldn’t find the numbers, but, on the last home game’s broadcast, Andy Durham said that they were about 11,000 short of one million.

Short of a thunderstorm,  they should hit the mark around 4:50 PM on Sunday.

Saturday night looks to be another crowded night with a DOUBLE PLAY – A Game Against the league-leading West Virginia Power and Fireworks after the game.  A win against the Power would help Greensboro in their hopes to win a first-half victory – which places the team in the post-season playoffs.  Greensboro is currently 7-1/2 games back with 16 games in the first half remaining.

Sunday is also the Miss Babe Ruth figurine giveaway.Miss Babe Ruth Looks like a fun weekend for all.

2 thoughts on “Grasshoppers: One Millionth Fan This Weekend

  1. They should do one! Andy has put is money into more Greensboro Sports than most of those “nominated” for the Guilford Hall of Fame. It’s one thing to be recognized for doing your job; it’s another for making your job out of your passion.

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