Falcons drop Series Two games to None

It was a tough weekend for the Southeast Guilford Falcons down in Raleigh at the State 3-A Finals.  CB Aycock defeated SEG 9-3 on Friday and then jumped on Southeast early and beat the Falcons 10-2 on Saturday morning.

It didn’t matter that the game was in Raleigh, I just think that Pikeville Aycock had overall better talent and that the Golden Falcons shocked SEG early in both contests and the Falcons of SEG could never recover.  No matter where this game was played I believe the Golden Falcons would have beaten the SEG Falcons.

CB Aycock had superior pitching and hitting.  Aycock finishes 31-4 while SEG closes things out at 23-7.  SEG returns a bus load of players with Moyer, Medley, Cockman, Venable, Seders, Webb, Nisbet, Ransom, Gilmore and others all coming back.

Southeast should make a run at the state title again next season.  The newspaper article that ran last Thursday in the N&R did not play a part in the loss or did comments made here at greensborosports.com effect any outcome.

SEG just lost to a better team.  I would like to get some of the players opinions on what they feel contributed to the end results and if they agree with me that CB Aycock won it on shear talent.  I give the majority of the credit to the CB Aycock Golden Falcon pitching staff of Sasser, Price and Davis.

Southeast Guilford players feel free to voice your comments here.  I know many of you have been reading this blog in the past week and we welcome your thoughts.  No sour grapes, it’s time to start getting ready for next year and another run at the title.  

36 thoughts on “Falcons drop Series Two games to None

  1. Memo to SEG players—Always wait and have your party after the championship game you all started a weekend to early this year.

  2. Yawn, you have to be kidding me. Will you be the one riding the liquorcycle? Here’s some advice, quit blaming the media and people freely speaking their opinions. If you want to target the problem here, start with the source, and quit making excuses.

    If you can’t handle the poor attempts at humor, please feel free to consolidate all the food stamps in your trailer and move to country where free speech is forbidden.

    Its a shame that these infractions have overshadowed a great run by the Southeast Guilford baseball team. Did the publicity affect their playing? How could it not have? Forget next year, put this athletic program under the microscope now and weed out the bad apples.

  3. “Everyone is looking for a leader, if chosen I will lead the people” All we are trying to do here is get the word out and see what the public has to say about it. Setting the pace for others to follow; we are not ABC News, but we are not the ABC Store either. We do not dispense alcohol here and don’t plan to do so in the future.

  4. all i want to know is where your kids go to school? Are they as perfect as all you guys who like to point fingers?

  5. WOW… freedom of speech does allow us to put our opinions out there for everyone to view, but it appears that the people here are ranting and raving to each other and no one seems to know what they are talking about. Rob, you are going on and on to people out there who obviously are not involved with this situation, and you are letting them get your goat!! You must get aggitated very easily! You are making outragous and hurtful statements here in this comment section that are basically directed to the parties that are involved with this incident, yet they are not the ones that are egging you on. Can you not see that? You’ve stated your opinion, and now everyone knows what you think of the situation…. now you can let it go. I for one, hope you feel better now.

  6. That is a great idea,let it go and lets all give these boys a well deservered round of applause for making it as far as they did. Second place in the state finals is a great place to end a season after no one expected them to make it that far at all.

  7. Dude, I’m eating up every bit of this. We got Greg up there doing comic relief, Mike dropped by to challenge all of us to a brawl, and even Falcon Roy offered to bring by some baseball bats to enhance the action.

    I may have offended some groups of people in a few of my earlier posts. I would like to formally apologize to anyone who drives a moped due to having a DUI, or anyone who has consolidated their food stamps in order to travel abroad while escaping the freedoms granted to us in this country. I would also extend regrets to those who do not receive the N&R due to being illiterate, though that is probably a wise choice. Apologies to Rasheed Wallace for saying he sucks , the Pleasant Garden Smirnoff Ice guys for being pansies and to Sampson for pointing out that he was at home and posting on this blog on Friday night.

    Most importantly, I would like to extend my condolences to the Southeast Guilford community for have to deal with this episode. Remember, what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger.

    Mandatory Drug Testing is the only way to get to the bottom of this one. Test every single player in the SE Guilford athletic department and let the chips fall where they may.

    Oh, and I apologize to anyone who has taken a drug test recently.

  8. Rob………. there you go again………..
    you really do have “A Holier Than Thou” Complex!!
    Again, I hope you feel better, belittling and baggering.
    AND- once again, you have the facts wrong.
    Have a pleasant day! You obviously feel so much better now!

  9. last time i looked se guilford was right in the middle of forest oaks-no trailer parks out there-rob must must be thinking about ne guilford


  11. Hey Rob, you never answered my question, where do your kids go to school? My son is graduating from SE this week and yes he did play on the baseball team. He is also graduating 2nd in his class so they must be doing something right out there in the land of the ” SLUM!”

  12. F.R.,
    My kids are a long way off from high school and you should be very proud of your son’s accomplishments.

    My sources are now telling me that their may be more with the SEG Athletic department than meets the eye. I hope the county takes a long hard look at things. I’m sure if everything is legit, people won’t have a problem with a small investigation. If things are “out of whack”, its time to set them straight. If nothing is wrong, then its business as usual.

    There is definately some money down in that area. Lots of folks that couldn’t afford the realy high on the hog living at Starmount or the Greensboro Country Club settled for large houses on even larger properties there in Forest Oaks. Unfortunately, that high priced living also breeds stuck up little pricks who’s daddies always bail them out of the trouble they cause. They’ll be primed and ready for the Frat life in Chapel Hill when the time comes.

    This is just a website with a bunch of different opinions. I hope you guys don’t take yourselves too seriously. We were all kids once and the best advice I can give the two offenders is to call James Swisher. He’s the Locke Clifford of minor offenses. While he won’t get you off with an improper equipment excuse, he’ll definately come up with something.

  13. Rob, whats your deal. What do you have agaisnt SEG. We’re you the little egghead that never got picked in gym class, did the big bad ballplayers use to beat you up? You are so full of hatred . Is this the way you are bringing your kids up. I surely hope not because if you want to talk about good parenting you are setting one heckuva example.
    I haved lived in this community all my life and I have never heard so much negative bullcrap out of anyone in all my years here. What is it with you man do you need money for your medication, maybe someone from FO will float you a loan. Take your crap somewhere else

  14. With all do respect, the comment made by Mike earlier was by far the most negative we have seen here. If Mike represents those in your community, I would check myself before making statements against those on this blog. Lorraine Ahearn had a great read in the Sunday N&R addressing the excuses made by many of the so-called “adults” in the Southeast community. I would suggest that Mike and others read the article and take Ms. Ahearn’s suggestions to heart.

  15. This is not just the SE community that this is happening in. It’s all over!! And to point out the SE community and what the “adult’s” are doing is absolutely ridiculous! Show me a community in this area that has perfect teenage kids and a community that has no “drama” then I’ll personally kiss your feet! Come on people…all the G’boro N&R wants to do is find a story that makes them look like hero’s when all they are doing is publishing stories that are none of anybody’s business! If these kids did something that affected the area like rape or breaking or entering, then I would understand why they would write about that. That is news the Greensboro area needs to know about. But they didn’t! What they did was what 8 out of 10 teenage kids do every weekend. They got caught and now it beomes a personal issue between the kids, parents and the courts. Not SE High School, not the public, or the G’boro N&R. I know for a fact that the Gboro N&R have been contacted to publish alot of positive stories about what teenage kids are doing or have done in the Guilford County community and they won’t even give it a time of day! And that’s a fact!!!! All they want is what you will see in the National Enquirer while standing in line of the grocery store.

    So, for all those parents that have teenagers, I hope they don’t slip up one Friday or Saturday night when they are out with friends cause you never know what will show up in the paper about them!!!!

  16. Rob, I do agree that there is way to much politics and ” daddy ball” in all of our high schools in this area. Although I do have a son that is graduating from SE I also have a son that is entering high school at Reidsville H.S. next year and we face all the same problems here as we do at SE, I blame the school boards for allowing all this mess to go on in our school systems. Lets just hope and pray that these kids have learned a valuable lesson from all this and don’t make this mistake again. Thank you for your view on this matter.

  17. Rob,
    you say your kids are a long way off from high school……… that says it all! You are “clueless” to say the least. Stay in your little dream world buddy! One day, when your kids get into these trying years, I hope you remember ALL of the nasty comments you have been stating over the past few days. ALL kids make mistakes, and yours will too. However, the difference between you and me, I would be at your side, telling you that you WILL get through this tough time in their life! I pray that you will have more love and tolerance for your own kids than you have shown here for the past few days for 2 very good kids that made a mistake. Good luck! You are most definitely need it!

  18. let it go…I couldn’t have said it better myself!! Rob, you are in for a rude awakening one of these days. Good luck to you!

  19. FR,
    I couldn’t agree with you more. The issues uncovered should not be swept under the rug. It a major problem exists within the Guilford County schools, they should use this incident to do something about it.

    To the rest of you…..
    Please show where I have singled out either of the the two baseball players other than to say that the parents and authorities should handle the issue and that we, as bystanders should trust their judgement? You guys like to pile on for my “over the top” rhetoric, but failed to call down the third poster for his expletive laden offer to have a rumble at Huff’s. Nice fanbase.

    Sure, I trashed the two guys with the Smirnoffs, why, because they bought the beer for these guys. I’ve suggested that the SEG Guilford athletic department should be investigated. Why not? The county should have a check and balance system in place to make sure that the correct decisions were made. After all, the Athletic director feels there might have been 1398 students drunk that night. Kinda scary isn’t it? In reptrospect, he probably could have made a better statement. I’ve mentioned the trailer dwelling folks in Climax as well as the “well to do” sect in Forest Oaks. I have no idea where the two players live and therefore I will plead ignorance if one lives in a trailer and the other lives on the 18th hole. I even gave Rasheed Wallace hard time on the other thread. Can you blame me?

    I agree with the masses. This is not just a SEG problem, but since it did happen with SEG players, man up and quit crying foul about the newpaper’s coverage. Timing is everything, and if these guys had done this before the Randleman Game, SEG would have suspended them for the contest and they would not have complained about it. Since it happened on the eve of the State Chamionship, things are different, both in penalty, and in media coverage. Deal with it. This happens in Atlanta or Chicago, nobody cares, but here in the triad, this is news.

    For those of you that need a feel good story, there’s a nice article on the triplets graduating from SEG. Hard to imagine they would write somehting positive isn’t it? Maybe this is just a set up article and the girls will be busted for armed robbery next week. Afterall, the world is against you guys, right?

    And once again, don’t take yourselves to seriously.

  20. Huff’s Store called and said they would be closing early this evening and that they had sold out of baseball bats. It’s time for us all to move on to the next game. Palomino baseball tonight at First Horizon Park. First pitch at 6:30pm. AD

  21. Rob,
    I have gone back and re-read your blogs, and I see where you have not “named” these two guys….you are correct on that….. however, since these blogs are in reference to the issue of these 2 guys, it seems that it is a “given” that we all know who you are referring to. If this “given” is not correct, than I for one apologize for my insiuation that you are bashing these 2 kids.
    As for the statements regarding the media coverage, I have been under the impression that these bloggers are refering to the fact that the media coverage is only “hyped” due to the timing of this incident! (as you stated) but it is an injustice to the 2 kids involved, to be put out there for all this bashing.
    These kids were “cited” for possesion only- they were NOT at a school function, they were NOT on school property, and they were NOT drinking. Your remark about what the AD said was nothing other than a failed attempt to bash him. His comment was just what it stated… out of the 1400 kids at that school, the only 2 kids that he could “vouch” for were these 2 kids-because he “KNEW” for a fact, that they WERE NOT DRINKING!! The school DID follow the rules- these rules were reviewed BEFORE a decision was ever made regarding the situation.
    As for the media……………. There has been ALOT of other “incidents” out there with ALOT of other kids making bad decisions, and just because they were not a “top” athelet, or their school was not at the “top” of the ranking at the time, there was nothing published about these kids.( and alot of those incident were much harsher) THAT is the difference in what these people are saying where it seems the media just wants to cover the bad stuff when they think it will sell papers. IF everyone out here in these blogs REALLY wanted to do something, then maybe they should start covering EVERYTHING that EVERY kid out there does ……… there is a HUGH problem out there with kids makeing wrong choices.
    As far as your other nasty comments you’ve made, you have been bashing people for how they live. I feel sure that MOST people out there that live in trailers are anything but what you refer to as “trailer trash” –
    I can assure you that the broad range of kids out there making these wrong choices, come from just as broad a range of economic background.
    As stated before, I wish you nothing but luck for your future child rearing years. You are in for A TON of JOY – and A TON of heartbreak. It just goes with the territory!

  22. Did I refer to people as trash? No. Why do you continue make false accusations about my dialogue? Would you like me to refer you to a comprehensive reading specialist?

    As I said before, timing is everything. The poor timing in getting busted before the big game yields not only to a lack of penalty, but also a enhancement in the local media outlets. We live in an area of little importance, therefore this makes the cut. As you said, the media is hyping this incident. Does the media also hype the state championship over a mid season affair?

    You’re having a hard time just “letting this go” aren’t you? May I suggest changing your name?

  23. oh yeah…………Rob…. excuse me!!
    You haven’t said anything to offend anyone at all, have you? Your rebuttals are nothing more than the all the other sarcastic and distasteful remarks you have made throughout….
    With that being said, ” I am letting you go! ”
    Good day!

  24. I always find it interesting how a story can be interperted so differently by so many people. For the record: The News & Record ran the story not to embarass the kids or their parents . Teens and beer are hardly unchartered waters for a newspaper. But Southeast Guilford’s handling of the situation was clearly a story. The contrasting opinions I’ve read on on this board only reinforce my belief that this was a story worth reporting. (A follow-up examining all schools’ student policies is planned for August). For those of you who think the N&R refuses to publish so-called “positive” stories, I can refer you the more than a dozen “positive” stories I’ve read in the paper since Sunday.

  25. Don’t even go there Robert, its a SEG vs. the World mentality over here.

    The “Let it go” guy contiues to take peoples’ writings and interpret things about them that are not written. However, he also wants us to read the school’s athletic policy in the black and white ink that it is printed without any assumptions as to the spirit of the code. Pretty hypocritical, but he obviously has a dog in this fight, and thus his objectivity has been compromised.

    The N&R made the right choice and I expect the Guilford County School System to do the same.

  26. As stated above by Mr. Bell, the story is not the students behavior, it is the lack of discipline by SE Athletics. The following are policy excerpts from Guilford County Schools.


    Participation in sports is a privilege, not a right. Extracurricular sports are generally governed by the rules established by the North Carolina State Board of Education and the North Carolina High School Athletic Association. In addition to the rules established by NCHSAA, each Coach may have rules and expectations for the members of the team which shall be distributed to all players and parents at the beginning of the season. THE GUILFORD COUNTY SCHOOLS CODE OF CONDUCT APPLIES TO ALL STUDENTS ON AND OFF THE FIELD OF PLAY. All students who participate in athletics are subject to disciplinary consequences imposed by coaches.

    5. ENFORCE THE CODE OF CONDUCT AS IT APPLIES TO THE POSSESSION, sale, distribution, manufacture, dispensing, AND/OR USE of illicit substances or any other unlawful or unauthorized chemical substance or drug paraphernalia. Acts prohibited by this code do not include the lawful and proper use of drugs prescribed by a doctor or over the counter medications.

    If we have the rules, they need to be followed. Sure many kids stray from them and officials don’t know. However when it is obvious to school leaders that a rule has been broken and still there are no consequences, it gives students all over the county permission to ignore every school rule in place. If the consequences are not carried out, we just need to do away with the rules….we are telling our students that they aren’t important and can be ignored anyway.

  27. Mr. “Rob” – one more time …. just for the record!
    No, I do not have a dog in this fight, But I happen to know many of the families at SE- including these families. Like many other parents out there,I have kids that have made wrong choices. My comments were stickly for your pompous attitude and your conescending remarks. You come across as arrogant and righteous.
    One day, you too will understand.
    Mr. Bell,
    I have not and do not put the paper down. I personally feel that the article you ran was done pretty graceous. I would have preferred that the names be withheld, for privacy reasons, but then again, that was your call to make. My comment was based on what my impressions were of the remarks made by other people. I personally know of alot of parents whos kids have been issued citation for doing something they should have been doing.( wrong place/ wrong time, bad decision making, etc. Many of these have also been athelets, but because they were not in the “lime light” per say, they went unnoticed. That was my point.
    These kids will survive, and you can bet that there will be punishments given for their actions. It is my experience that a lesson learned the “hard” way, is usally a lesson learned! Let’s hope so anyway!

  28. Tiger Tom…wait a minute…I can’t type right now…I’m still trying to get up off the floor from laughing so hard.

  29. Tiger Tom, please explain yourself alittle better. Like I said, congrats on being conf. champs!!! You had your chance in the state playoffs, please tell us how far you made it?

  30. Hey Tiger Tom does the tiger have your tongue? Just remember, if you are going to bash someone you must be able to back your story up.

  31. We are working to keep the site under control and edited where necessary and it looks like things are cooling off here and that’s probably a good thing. I have been receiving several E-mails about this current blog and many of you have been upset. Many commenters have had their say and if you have more to add you can still leave your thoughts here. I was unable to visit the site yesterday except for a quick morning stop but I have been deleting comments this week where I felt it was needed and if you have any complaints about the way we are doing things here then again send them to: durhamandy@hotmail.com………Greensborosports.com will continue to be a vital part of the community……..

  32. hey you need to quit worrying about it. It’s over. I also heard that a lot of the newspaper people were fired!!! If so they deserve it. They are disrespectful.

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