The most talked about teams in Major League Baseball

The teams that draw the most talk in Major League Baseball have to be the ones that I will list below. I was listening to the Atlanta Braves post-game show on Sunday afternoon and they did have wide variety of phone calls and the big topic was Andruw Jones and how much he was hurting the team. One lady said she thought they need to send Jones back to the minors.

Mark Lemke and the other host took much of this as a grain of salt but the Braves do get calls from all over the place. Jacksonville Florida, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, and every little hot spot thoroughout the state of Georgia.

Who are the most talked about teams in Major League Baseball?
#1 New York Yankees
#2 Boston Red Sox
#3 Chicago Cubs
#4 Atlanta Braves
#5 That’s It……Who else is anybody talking about? The four that I have mentioned are the tops and there is no underneath tier. Baseball is limited for teams that draw major conversation, but the New York Yankees-Boston Red Sox rivalry is the best in all of SPORTS.

The NBA doesn’t have a major matchup, the NFL has no huge hatred hookups. The New York Yankees-Boston Red Sox matchup is it and draws more talk than any other sports connection.