The most talked about teams in Major League Baseball

The teams that draw the most talk in Major League Baseball have to be the ones that I will list below. I was listening to the Atlanta Braves post-game show on Sunday afternoon and they did have wide variety of phone calls and the big topic was Andruw Jones and how much he was hurting the team. One lady said she thought they need to send Jones back to the minors.

Mark Lemke and the other host took much of this as a grain of salt but the Braves do get calls from all over the place. Jacksonville Florida, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, and every little hot spot thoroughout the state of Georgia.

Who are the most talked about teams in Major League Baseball?
#1 New York Yankees
#2 Boston Red Sox
#3 Chicago Cubs
#4 Atlanta Braves
#5 That’s It……Who else is anybody talking about? The four that I have mentioned are the tops and there is no underneath tier. Baseball is limited for teams that draw major conversation, but the New York Yankees-Boston Red Sox rivalry is the best in all of SPORTS.

The NBA doesn’t have a major matchup, the NFL has no huge hatred hookups. The New York Yankees-Boston Red Sox matchup is it and draws more talk than any other sports connection.

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  1. what is your opinion of the Barry Bonds situation? i think he has 8 to go to break the all-time record of Hank Aaron-and how about the cowboys and the redskins for a rivalry-that has been the source of many a thanksgiving riot

  2. All eyes will be on Barry Bonds, the excitement is starting to build, even the
    Boston Red Sox were cheering him on Sunday. The bigger story will be how far
    he takes the record once it is broken. How long will Bonds keep going after he
    has the record. Bonds says it’s not all about breaking the record, it’s about the
    distance he sets between him and Aaron and how tough he can make it for the
    next guy in 2050 to break Barry’s record.

    The Skins and Dallas are history, they had it going back in the 70’s, 80’s and
    even in the early 90’s but now it’s the Yankees and Boston and there is no other like it or near it when it comes to competitive importance. The New York Yankees-Boston Red Sox rivalry is the only one going in all sports today. Any takers think they have one that can equal or top this one:Yankees-Red Sox………

  3. The Mets-Yankees, Braves-Mets matchups are good but nothing compares to Boston-New York Yankees in professional sports. When you look at college sports
    Tenn.-Florida, Auburn-Alabama, Michigan-Ohio State, UCLA-Southern-Cal,
    and Clemson-South Carolina are super matchups for college football and
    nothing beats Duke-North Carolina in college basketball. Duke-North Carolina
    is the best college rivalry of all-time and Barry Bonds will be revered if he hires Mike Nifong to be his attorney when Nifong relocates to the Cooperstown, NY

  4. The New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox might be the best in the pro ranks but nothing can top Auburn-Alabama. Auburn-Alabama college football is the best rivalry ever in all of sports. It beats them all.

  5. Two things that make a rivalry on a national level are success and hype. Look back to last fall when Michigan and Ohio State met on the gridiron. Both were having great seasons and ESPN couldn’t stop talking about it. Lately, NY and Boston have been top teams and ESPN again, can’t stop the hype machine when it comes to these two teams. Again, play meaningful games (where there is more than just bragging rights on the line) against one another on a regular basis and the “World-wide Leader” will take care of the rest.

  6. The NFL has not major hatred matchups.. tell that to the Packers and the Bear fans out there!!!

  7. For my money it’s Braves-Mets, Braves-Yankees, Braves-Red Sox. I wish the Braves would trade A. Jones or that he would ask to be sent to another team. Andruw is hurting himself and his team. I like Escobar and Saltalamacchia and some of the other young players who can step in at help at SS, 3B, 1B, and behind the plate.

    It looks like B. Mac, Brian McCann is starting to come around and then some of the young players might be moved in a trade to get someone to replace Andruw once he is gone or they can find a way to get rid of him. I would hate to lose Escobar because Chipper Jones is playing better but he is not getting any younger.

    Kelly Johnson is playing much better than many thought he would and he is holding up his end of the lineup near the top of the order.

    The Yankees and Red Sox are the most talked about teams in sports today because of their media markets and the fact that New York is doing nothing in football and the New York pro basketball appeal has been dead for years. The Knicks are pathetic. The Red Sox are the favorite team of the Boston market and have been for years and since the demise of the Celtics what’s left? The Patriots have no romantic appeal to the fans because who is their closest rival? The Jets? The Dolphins? The history of the NFL and their long-term relationships is dead.

    Nationwide public interest seems to favor the Red Sox-Yankees because there is history with these franchises going back many years and they both continue to play well enough and make the right moves to keep this history alive.

    Why would anybody want to watch the Packers-Bears? The Bears are OK but the Packers have a senior citizen playing quarterback. Brett The Packers have a name but their game is a JOKE. ESPN would hard pressed to pull of a major promotion of Packers-Bears Monday night that could draw flys.

    Good topic, interersting posts, and there can be some sports heat in the summer months. I heard about this site from a friend of Jim Scott’s and they said you had some lively discussions and it’s good to be a part of the mix.

  8. The best match up of all is Florida vs. Tennessee. South Carolina and Clemson can’t compete with the Gators and Vols. This is the current hottest game in all of sports. I was caught off guard that Texas-Oklahoma wasn’t mentioned at least once. This college football game is loaded with history and tradition.

    I don’t care about the Yankees and the Red Sox but can the Atlanta Braves find some way to get of Andruw Jones? Jones is killing the Braves chances of going anywhere in the post-season. He is terrible and needs to be replaced or moved out of the lineup permanently. Won’t somebody else please take him. This is getting out of hand. Jones is starting to look like an aged Daryl Strawberry up at the plate. If Jones was a real man he would ask to be traded. Jones is killing the Atlanta Braves and I’m a big fan and could use a little help for my team.

  9. I agree with Andy that the four teams he listed are the most talked-about in all of baseball, and that is because two of them — the Braves and the Cubs each market themselves on nationwide cable networks which obviously increases their fan base.

    As far as the Yankees-Red Sox being the best rivalry in all of sports, you probably mean PROFESSIONAL sports. The Duke-Carolina basketball rivalry is perhaps the greatest rivalry in all of sports. I’ve heard Yankees and Red Sox players mention that their rivalry is more about the fans, and that the players actually don’t view it as being as big as the fans do. However, most Duke and Carolina players seem to have a mutual dislike for each other. Heck, Duke versus Carolina in any sport or anyTHING is a big rivalry. Let’s face it: the two schools hate each other. I know of marriages that have broken up over the Blue Devils and Tar Heels rivalry. Did Mike Nifong attend law school at Carolina? Maybe that’s why he had it out for those Blue Devil lacrosse players! 🙂

  10. I feel bad for the Boston Celtics, they were once a very proud and well thought of franchise. Do the New England Patriots have a big rival? If so it would be the Colts. The New England Patriots-Indianapolis Colts is a big deal but it still can’t compare to the Yankees-Red Sox. Right now that’s the one, Yankees-Red Sox and I’ve been hearing talk about the Braves, BoSox, and Yankees all week long. All three seem to be at the top of the talk charts.

  11. The Braves are the South’s hottest team and the Yankees and Red Sox can’t even come close. The local and regional shows are not talking about the Sox and Yanks it’s the Braves. Duke-Carolina will out draw them all and that’s only if it’s a college basketball game. If you want to watch Duke-North Carolina in football they’ll probably pay you to come watch the game. Free tickets and still nobody shows up, free food and you might get a few nibblers.

  12. The Celtics and Lakers had the best games ever in pro sports and they still talk about those legendary games on ESPN Classic. Inter-League play has ruined baseball and I still like the old American League East that had Detroit, Cleveland, Baltimore, Boston, and New York. The Tigers could play with the best of them in the old AL East.

    Take any of the teams in the NFL’s black and blue division and put them together and you still have some of the best rival meetings in all of sports. Minnesota-Green Bay, Detroit-Chicago, Green Bay-Chicago, Detroit-Green Bay, there’s history that you can’t take away when those teams get together.

    What about all that stir that was going on down at Huff’s Store in Pleasant Garden? I’ll bet there’s something riding on those meetings as well. Maybe that will top Boston vs. New York.

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