A Dry Thirsty Thursday

Thursday night, beer fans at the Grasshoppers game were greeted with new beer rules:

  1. One beer per person
  2. Show ID with each purchase

It was still a big night – attendance wise for the Grasshoppers. The new rules had a lot of disgruntled fans.

It’s time to close the bar on Thirsty Thursdays!
The Grasshoppers are doing quite well on at the gate, for almost every game. To have one game, where drinking is the goal, is counterproductive. There are risks on ALL Levels.

FIRST. Alcohol law violations that occur on Thursdays can result in the lost of the stadium’s alcohol licenses. That means NO BEER at any game.
SECOND. Law Enforcement officers report drunk driving arrests from the stadium could result in the stadium being classified as a NUISANCE. This would mean no alcohol sales forever!
THIRD. Fans are not enjoying their experience at First Horizon Stadium. A bad experience by one fan is often multiplied TEN-FOLD as they tell their friends. Folks may not realize that Thirsty Thursday is the bad apple and assume that bad experience happens at every game.

It’s time to stop the Thursday Beer Specials, before it really gets out of hand.