A Dry Thirsty Thursday

Thursday night, beer fans at the Grasshoppers game were greeted with new beer rules:

  1. One beer per person
  2. Show ID with each purchase

It was still a big night – attendance wise for the Grasshoppers. The new rules had a lot of disgruntled fans.

It’s time to close the bar on Thirsty Thursdays!
The Grasshoppers are doing quite well on at the gate, for almost every game. To have one game, where drinking is the goal, is counterproductive. There are risks on ALL Levels.

FIRST. Alcohol law violations that occur on Thursdays can result in the lost of the stadium’s alcohol licenses. That means NO BEER at any game.
SECOND. Law Enforcement officers report drunk driving arrests from the stadium could result in the stadium being classified as a NUISANCE. This would mean no alcohol sales forever!
THIRD. Fans are not enjoying their experience at First Horizon Stadium. A bad experience by one fan is often multiplied TEN-FOLD as they tell their friends. Folks may not realize that Thirsty Thursday is the bad apple and assume that bad experience happens at every game.

It’s time to stop the Thursday Beer Specials, before it really gets out of hand.

7 thoughts on “A Dry Thirsty Thursday

  1. I agree with Big Don. Thirsty Thursday is a big rip off. Those dollar beers basically come in a dixie cup. The regular size beers (the ones I prefer) are still 5.50. I would make one suggestion to Don….it seems that the crazy behavior occurs more in the Grandstand area where he sits. I generally sit with Bruce Bullington in one of the sections behind the plate area and have never seen any problems because of alcohol. I know Don is the “Keeper of the Ks” but he might want to move, at least on Thursday nights.

  2. I have to disagree, I go to a lot of the thirsty Thursday games and I have never seen a problem. I think for the most part everyone takes it easy and stays in control except of course over at the bar area which is why it is called the bar area. If you don’t want to have to put up with a bunch of drunks get away from the bar! I also think the amount of beer you get for a dollar is a pretty good deal considering that the amount you get for 5.50 is so much that it is usually hot by the time you get to the bottom. Cheap beer is a great tool for getting people out to the park and I hear more on radio and around town about “Thirsty Thursday” than any other games by far.

  3. Granted there is little problems outside the Grand Stand; however, the alcohol license applies to the entire park. Problems in the Grand Stand (and Natty’s Hill) affect the entire operation.

    When it gets too bad for me, I take a walk to the Right Field, where the crowd is calming and the sites are similar (including attractive women).

  4. From what I learned tonight (Friday), there were no violations. However, there were established procedures that were not followed that the ALE officers pointed out to the license-holder (the concession company). At that point, they decided it was in their best interest to change their alcohol sales procedures.

    Friday Night was a GREAT night – good crowd, well distributed throughout the park. It’s when you have a concentration of heavy drinkers in one area, you are bound to have problems.

  5. I was at the game Thurs. night and was surprised to get carded. What ever happened to the rule that if a person looks 26 or younger he or she gets carded. I mean I will soon be 33 and do not look 26 at all. Does a 50yr. old man get carded on Thurs. night? Big Doug, I think the 5.50 beer should be 3 bucks on Thurs. Also there should be beer waiters instead of cotton candy and peanut and sno cone waiters. It is not fun standing in line 15 or 20mins to get a beer. Mr. Brown, you just have to drink a little quicker so that 5.50 beer doesn’t get to warm. Oh yeah, a super nacho waiter would be nice as well.

  6. I agree with Cecil that the big beer should be cheaper but I guess this could lead to even more of the problems that Don is worried about. I did not get carded on Thursday and last Friday when I pulled out my ID with my money the guy started laughing, saying “Its OK”. Cecil’s idea for a “Super Nacho Waiter” is awesome!

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