Sports Roundtable – Thoughts

As many of you know, there’s no live media outlet for Greensboro and Guilford County sports, except for Andy’s sports coverage on radio. I remember the old 1320 / 1400 / 1470 days, not to mention even WSJS did local Sports Talk show. I remember to the Generals Radio Show – live from Jack Astor’s (and other places).

Great times.

The Internet makes it possible to do that again – both as a recorded audio program and LIVE TV Show. Others are already doing this in other cities. I’d love to see if there was any interest in doing that here in Greensboro. We’d select a location (with great internet access) and have a Sports Roundtable.

Thoughts? Volunteers. Ideas as to when and where to do it?

One thought on “Sports Roundtable – Thoughts

  1. Don, I think you will have plenty of volunteers. The key is to get Mr. Durham in the fold. With his experience from the old radio shows and the cable access TV show, maybe the good times really aren’t over for good.

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