Chris Benoit is Gone

It’s being labled as a double murder-suicide. Chris Benoit of World Wrestling Entertainment fame missed work on Saturday and Sunday. Benoit(40) told company officials he had a family emergency.

Benoit sent strange text messages to friends on Sunday saying his wife Nancy and son Daniel were sick and throwing up blood. WWE officials went to do a wellness check on his residence in Fayette County Georgia, just outside of the Atlanta area.

Authorities found the bodies of Chris, wife Nancy(former wife of wrestling’s Kevin Sullivan), and Daniel age 7 at about 2:30pm on Monday afternoon. Initial evidence is showing that Nancy and Daniel were killed sometime during the weekend and then Benoit killed himself on Monday.

Chris and Nancy were involved in a very volatile marrige according to their neighbors and Chris Benoit killed his wife, then his son and later killed himself. It has been ruled a double murder-suicide.(Benoit kills wife Nancy in a domestic dispute, then kills his son so he does’t have to grow up without a mother and have to live with a murderer father, and then Benoit can’t take it all so he ends his own life, part speculation) reader Greg Johnson called me about this on Monday evening and said he had heard that Benoit had died but didn’t know the cause of death. As I heard this news for the very first time I told Greg that I had been watching Law and Order on NBC Sunday night and I would not rule out a murder-suicide of some sort. My hunch was right.

James Caldwell and are the ones that have been providing the quickest news on the Benoit murder-suicide and they are our most reliable source of wrestling info.

*****New news just in at 1pm 6/26/07:Benoit strangled wife, smothered son, hanged himself*****

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