Todd Shuping Fired at Grimsley

Football coach Todd Shuping was fired on Monday afternoon by Grimsley athletic director Lewis Newman. Shuping led the Whirlies to the state champinship game back in 2005 where they lost to Greenville Rose. Shuping has been in charge of the Whirlie football program for the past four seasons.

Shuping whose career I have followed since he was back in high school at Smith HS also was the head coach at East Forsyth in Kernersville. Shuping was an assistant at Dudley, Grimsley, and also at East. Shuping was a linebacker for the Smith Golden Eagles and later played linebacker for the Guilford College Quakers. Shuping was an outstanding defensive player and many felt that defense was his strong suit.

Coach Saunders who was already on the Whirlie football coaching staff has been named head coach. We’re not sure if he will be coach for the upcoming season or if he is just in charge for the summer workouts. You’d think he would stay on and run the entire program. Grimsley just concluded hosting a 7 on 7 football jamboree back on Saturday with as many as 15 high schools attending and Coach Shuping was in charge of all of the activities. The coaching change toook place Monday afternoon.

There seems to have been some major problems that had been brewing between Coach Shuping and some of the new administration at Grimsley but we will not have all the details on that until later today.

Parents have told me that the Whirlie assistants ran the practices at Grimsley and that Coach Shuping was just a figure-head to some observers. I saw that myself while watching some of the early Grimsley practices last summer but many programs work that way where the head man leaves most of the hands-on practice work to his assistants and becomes a roving instructor.

Others have mentioned that Coach Shuping was more dedicated to his football work than he was to his academics. I know I have been guilty of that myself back in the day. The word is that Coach Shuping will not be teaching at Grimsley this upcoming school year so he is done completely with the Grimsley Whirlies. Word also is that Coach Shuping was told more than once to hit the academics harder but it just wasn’t happening, his focus was on football.

*****On a side-note, former Page and South Carolina quarterback Todd Ellis has been indicted down in Columbia, South Carolina for beig involved in a pyramid scheme. Ellis most recently has been the football play-by-play announcer for the South Carolina Gamecocks.*****