What you missed on Monday night and some parting shots

One of the more bizarre issues surrounding the Chris Benoit family tragedy in the WWE is the fact that not only did Vince McMahon choose to run the Benoit tribute on the USA network on Monday evening, but what was originally scheduled for the 8pm time slot.

The WWE ran the tribiute for Chris Benoit not knowing that he had killed his wife and son. They thought the three-hour tribute would be a good idea to honor a man who had been well thought of in the industry.

The tribute ran in the place of a special that had been promoted to honor Vince McMahon. The three-hour special was to be held with all events on that Monday evening honoring Mr. McMahon and was to be a tribute to his fake death conducted a few days earlier when he supposively lost his life when a bomb exploded as Mr. McMahon got into his limousine.

The WWE had secured the extra hour in addition to their normal 9-11 pm time frame so they could have more room to pay tribute to a man that had faked his own death on television as a way to draw higher ratings. Vince McMahon’s explanation was that the character Mr. McMahon had died during the explosion not Vince himself. It was all about the character and drawing the ratings.

The WWE was going to do a tribute to a guy who didn’t die although some mainstream media were reporting this as a real death. They ended up doing a tribute to a guy that killed his wife, his son, and then took his own life. The whole thing has become a royal nightmare. The fake death, the double-murder suicide, and tons of excuses.

It has been a busy week for World Wrestling Entertaiment and the idiots that we are, we continue to watch their every move but the attention span is getting shorter. How much longer will the viewers flock to their programming? How about a tribute to all the dead wrestlers? Sixty-five wrestlers age 45 or younger have died since 1997. Tough decision, but one thing is certain. This would need to be a six-hour special tribute for all of those that have died in the wrestling business.

*****In a couple of parting shots, what is it about this deal with Matt Brown the manager of the Greensboro Coliseum working on a political campaign for Kevin Green on City time? Green has been the top man on the Greensboro Parks and Recreation board and now appears to be running for Greensboro City Council at-large. The word is Brown has been working on campaign plans and details right from his Coliseum office while he is supposed to be running the arena. I guess the summer is a slow time at the Big Barn on West Lee Street.

Marc Bush, the man in charge at the Greensboro Sports Commission has also been accused of using company time to promote the Green run to elected office. Bush sent E-mails to Greensboro Sports Council members from his downtown offices. What about the real Kevin Greene? Where is he? Kevin did a solid job of tackling the issues when he was down in Charlotte.

The final word is, is it just me or does this make sense to anyone? I’m out on the morning run and the buses are still running through the neighborhoods and school is out for summer vacation. The County sends the buses out to pick up kids that are going to summer school. They flunked during the school year and now the County is giving them a Free Ride to summer school.

Hey kids that flunked during the regular year, get your own transportation to summer school. We are wasting the county gas on some kid that wouldn’t pay attention during the year? Have you seen the gas prices lately? And we’re giving these kids a Free Ride? Learn some responsibility and find your own way or even walk in if you have to and be on time. This is one of the main reasons our society is turning out a bunch of losers. Just give them a Free Ride and Free Meal. Give the perks to the ones that deserve it, the ones who do their work and pay attention throughout the year.

You gotta wake up some lazy kid and get him out of the house and on to the bus so he can get his Free Ride to Summer School so he can take his classes for a second time. Make it like college and have the kids pay for the classes when they have to make them up. We have some very big loop holes in the way we conduct our business.*****

2 thoughts on “What you missed on Monday night and some parting shots

  1. Forsyth County kids have to pay 100.00 dollars to go to summer school—maybe Guilford county should look to see how they do it.

  2. Guilford County needs to do something. I was on my Friday morning run and I saw the bus with maybe 3-4 kids on it and it was stopped in the middle of the street with the engine running using up the good ‘old gas. The driver of the bus was talkig to some guy who was mowing the yard. They were just talking away for about five miutes or so. Good day to waste some more of the tax payers good dollars.

    It’s Friday and if you’re the bus driver you just have to stop and talk to guy who’s mowing the yard and please leave the engine running, who knows maybe those nice buses have air conditioning on them so the students can be comfortable as they prepare to take all their classes over.

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