Dan Patrick is leaving ESPN

Dan Patrick one of the fanchise players at ESPN is leaving after 18 years and has not said where he will be going. Patrick’s last day is set to be August 17.

Where do you think we will see Dan Patrick next? Will he be heading to FOX Sports television. They could be planning a reunion with Dan Patrick and Keith Olberman hosting “The Best Dan Sports Show Period”. Keith may not like the title but it might make him some big money and it would give FOX a nice push.

Fox also has FOX Sports Radio so he could take his radio show over to Fox and move the entire Big Show to FOX Radio. Will Dan Patrick be the next host of The Price is Right? Will we see Dan doing a feature on 60 Minutes?

Could Dan Patrick become the next Dan Rather? I hear that they both hail from the great state of Texas. “The CBS Nightly News with Dan Patrick”. It does have a nice ring to it. Katie Couric, “You’re Fired”. That has a nice ring to it too.

What’s the word on the street about Dan Patrick and will he be remembered as one of the All-Time Top Five at ESPN? Chris Berman, Dan Patrick, Keith Olberman, Greg Gumble, Bob Ley?????