Justin Smith coach of the Guilford Patriots

The Guilford Patriots have won the 2007 Greensboro Palomino Baseball League. This is 5 of the last 6 leagues championships for the Guilford Patriots. This year there overall record is 23-10 with a doubleheader tonight. We are blessed with lots of pitching and have had timely hitting all year long. I am honored to be associated with so many good players and kids on this 2007 team. I hope you can do a good article about the 2007 Guilford Patriots. Some of our readers can write better than I can. Justin, I like your work. Keep the news coming our way.

2007 Team Highlights:

July 4th Tournament: Runner Up

Las Vegas Invitational: Won our Pool , But lost in quarterfinals 1-0

Will be the Host team of the 2007 Palomino Regional Tournament
*****If the Patriots win the Palomino World Series we may have to give them the entire front page at greensborosports.com*****