Justin Smith coach of the Guilford Patriots

The Guilford Patriots have won the 2007 Greensboro Palomino Baseball League. This is 5 of the last 6 leagues championships for the Guilford Patriots. This year there overall record is 23-10 with a doubleheader tonight. We are blessed with lots of pitching and have had timely hitting all year long. I am honored to be associated with so many good players and kids on this 2007 team. I hope you can do a good article about the 2007 Guilford Patriots. Some of our readers can write better than I can. Justin, I like your work. Keep the news coming our way.

2007 Team Highlights:

July 4th Tournament: Runner Up

Las Vegas Invitational: Won our Pool , But lost in quarterfinals 1-0

Will be the Host team of the 2007 Palomino Regional Tournament
*****If the Patriots win the Palomino World Series we may have to give them the entire front page at greensborosports.com*****

6 thoughts on “Justin Smith coach of the Guilford Patriots

  1. The Guilford Patriots won a doubleheader last night beating the United Eagles 8-0 behind the fine pitching of Michael Dimock. Patriots won the second game 11-1. Blaine McCraw pitched a fine game as well. Matt Nettesheim hit a grand slam home run in the bottom of the sixth to end the game. The Patriots finish the regular season with a 27-10 record. The Patriots will be playing Monday night in a wood bat game at Southwest Guilford High School at 6:30.

  2. Grims…..I don’t know about the future, but through the game last night, there have been no additions to The Patriots.

    Credit goes to the pitchers and hitters on The Patriots, but there is also a lot of good defensive plays that are made game after game to keep the oppositions run totals low. At this level, good defense is a must because pitchers don’t strike out all batters so someone has to make the plays.

  3. I think the Patriots get first pick for any additions to their team sincwe they won the league. I hear they are picking up a couple of players from the Diamondbacks.

  4. Maybe Justin will let us know who these guys are and I hope he can inform us
    on who the Shockers get too. Patriots-Shockers in the finals, that’s what the
    people here in Greensboro want to see.

  5. What qualifies the teams for the tournament? Did the Shockers finish second in the league? Did Lynnhaven and Salisbury have to win any tournament to get in? What are the rules for picking up players?

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