More wrestlers tied to Chris Benoit’s doctor

Five names have surfaced and these five men are said to have been under the guidance of Chris Benoit’s doctor, Dr. Phil Astin III.

Two weeks ago Benoit killed his wife, his son, and then hung himself in Fayette County, Georgia.

The wrestlers that were also connected to Chris Benoit’s doctor were Rey Mysterio Jr.(Oscar Gutierrez), Mark Jindrak, Marcus “Buff” Bagwell, Bob Holly(Bob Howard), and Lex Luger(Larry Pfhol). For more info go to

We need to add another wrestler’s name to the above list and it is Johnny Grunge(Mike Durham). Info from Dave Meltzer at

3 thoughts on “More wrestlers tied to Chris Benoit’s doctor

  1. If Scott Steiner and Chris Masters don’t show up on somebody’s list next then I’m out of here.

  2. When are they going to something about all of these wrestlers that are passing away because of drug related circumstances? I don’t care what the drug or drugs are, it has to stop. Innocent family members are left to try and survive after their husbands, wives, children, and friends have died.

    This is sad and the man in charge doesn’t seem to care. Why does McMahon allow the guys with blown up bodies to keep adding muscle mass to their already destroyed framework? McMahon can and must make changes in the way his company{WWE} is doing business.

    Maybe McMahon or his son Shane will have to die before the board of directors finally wakes up. By then it will too late or will it? McMahon deserves to die after all he has put these wrestlers and their families through.

    McMahon must go or the number of deaths will continue to increase. It is time for a change and must happen soon.

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