Questions surround the Palomino East Zone(Regional) baseball tournament

We have been getting a lot of questions about the upcoming Palomino baseball East Regional tournament which gets under way this Friday at Stoner-White Stadium in the Jaycee Park.

Two of our local teams will be in the tournament, the Patriots and the Shockers.

Some of the recent questions that have come in to us include: What qualifies the teams for the tournament? Did the Shockers finish 2nd in the league? Did Lynnhaven and Salisbury have to win any tournament to get in? What are the rules for picking up players?

These questions came to us from David and others and it is our hope that Bob Doss, Justin or Johnny Smith, or Lester Rivenbark will respond to these and any other questions the readers may have. Good luck to all the teams in the Palomino East Regional Tournament.