Questions surround the Palomino East Zone(Regional) baseball tournament

We have been getting a lot of questions about the upcoming Palomino baseball East Regional tournament which gets under way this Friday at Stoner-White Stadium in the Jaycee Park.

Two of our local teams will be in the tournament, the Patriots and the Shockers.

Some of the recent questions that have come in to us include: What qualifies the teams for the tournament? Did the Shockers finish 2nd in the league? Did Lynnhaven and Salisbury have to win any tournament to get in? What are the rules for picking up players?

These questions came to us from David and others and it is our hope that Bob Doss, Justin or Johnny Smith, or Lester Rivenbark will respond to these and any other questions the readers may have. Good luck to all the teams in the Palomino East Regional Tournament.

3 thoughts on “Questions surround the Palomino East Zone(Regional) baseball tournament

  1. Here are the answer to your questions. First of all the Patriots won the league so they are the host team in the Ergion tournament. It is not the Zone. The winner of this tournament goes the the Zone next week in Pittsburgh. The Shockers finished in second place so they qualify to be the host area team. From my understanding both the out of town teams coming here had to win a section tournament to get here. This year Palomino baseball out of Washington, Pa has initiated a rule that you can not pick up players unless you have a player that got hurt and a written doctors excuse. The Patriots could pick up one player to replace Warren Slack who broke a bone on his left hand in Vegas but the Patriots chose to pass and pick up someone if they are lucky enough to win this tournament. This will be a very competetive tournament that should be dominated by pitching. The Patriots beat Lynnhave last year but had to come from behind to do it. Lynnhaven has a fine team with great pitching. The Shockers open up with Lynnhaven on Friday night while the Patriots play Salisbury, Md Fridasy nigh at 8:00. I hope this answers most of your questions

  2. That did answer the questions. Thanks. Here’s another: do you know if the Maryland team is the same one that was here for the July 4th tournament?

  3. The Maryland team that was her at the July 4th tournament is not the same team that will be here this weekend. I have no idea what to expect from Salisbury, Maryland.

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