NFL Shoots Itself In The Foot, Again

Wanting to squeeze every penny out of itself and promoting it’s own Internet sites. The NFL is now limiting On-Line media to Audio and Video Clips of 45 Seconds or LESS per day! (Wall Street Journal)

No more long post game interviews, except on the league website.

Television and radio stations were booted from the sidelines a while back.

With Broadcast Television ending as we know it February 17, 2009 (analog turn off date), it appears as if the NFL is positioning itself to be 100% Pay Per View in the future. No more FREE Monday Night Football – you must watch it on a pay service today. ESPN is one of the most expensive cable channels that cable companies package with their standard service; which is NOT free. ABC was free to watch to anybody with a TV and antenna. Eight games last year were shown on NFL TV, which was not available on all PayTV services (cable and satellite).

There is going to be a point at which the NFL will be no longer accessible to the public for free. At that point, we can put the lid on the coffin because they will no longer be able to grow their fan base – just watch them die.

With all the player miss-steps and thuggery, their are fewer NFL Role Models for kids. It’s probably just as well that the NFL leaves the public view and heads to the Pay Per View model.

UPDATE: Terry Heaton (News Consultant to many TV stations and nationally renown blogger chimes in.)

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  1. NFL is pricing itself out of “entertainment/fun” levels for families much like NASCAR has done….

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