Grimsley was getting ready

I stopped by the Grimsley HS campus last night at around 10:15 and they were already prepping for the big midnight football practice. The lights were on at the main field in Jamieson Stadium and I even saw some of the cheerleaders walking in, I guess they were there for the huge midnight madness.

Grimsley got it going at 12am and anyone who has the insides on what happened, leave us a comment or two here at the site. I’m not sure if any other sports got going last night or not, but like I was saying, I did see the cheerleaders.

Our HS football insider Ron Davidson may have been at the event and may be able to check in with us. Does anybody know if last year’s quarterback Josh Stewart will send his brother Seth out to join the Whirlies this season? Jim Gentry could have some news for us on this one. I saw the Stewart’s grandfather at a baseball game back in the spring and he said he wasn’t sure, but Mr. Stewart did remember me from my days in the trenches out off of Friendway Drive and back when I used to play out in traffic on New Garden Road.

What’s the Word on the Whirlies and our other teams who are now into their pre-season drills?