“Pacman” becomes professional wrestler

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The local Ch. 5 WTVF in Nashville, Tenn. is reporting that suspended Tennessee Titans NFL player Adam “Pacman” Jones has signed or will sign a short-term contract with TNA(Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling) this week. Jones is reportedly looking to become a full-time wrestler now that he has been suspended by the NFL for the entire 2007 season based on his off-the-field legal troubles.

TNA co-owner Jeff Jarrett has been out of the country this weekend, but will return to the States on Monday to possibly finalize the contract. Jones’s link to pro wrestling is through his attorney, Manny Arora, who is the same attorney for Chris Benoit’s former doctor, Phil Astin.

Says Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer,”The negotiations with Jones are obviously an attempt for TNA to get mainstream publicity, even if the publicity won’t be good, for the company. The timing of it, with Pro Wrestling’s public image at an all-time low will only reinforce the current reputation”.
*****Looks like Pacman will be an entertainer only. See comments below in comment box*****(Other Joneses in the business:Rufus R. “Freight-Train” Jones, S.D. “Special Delivery” Jones, BurrHead Jones, #1 Paul Jones, Mike Jones-AKA:”Virgil” and “Vincent”(the Virgil name was to poke fun at Virgil Runnels/Dusty Rhodes and the Vincent was to push the envelope of Vincent K. McMahon)

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  1. Pacman Jones will not be able to wrestle due the terms in his Tennessee Titans contract. Pacman will still work with TNA Wrestling in some sort of entertainment capacity once they can get all the details worked out. Former WWE players “Test”-Andrew Martin, Matt Morgan, Ariel, and Nidia are slated to come on board at TNA and Sabu may catch on there too in the near future.

  2. They don’t need him. I just can’t see how he can improve the ratings. They have Kurt Angle, they don’t need anyone else!!

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