Guilford Patriots drop game one in California

From the 2007 Palomino World Series out on the west coast in California:

We got in touch with our contact out in California at about 4:00pm Eastern time today(Thursday) and Johnny Neese said the news is not good. For starters Johnny’s son John Neese(the starting center fielder) got hurt last night in a pick-up basketball game prior to the baseball tournament action and John had to miss today’s game with a swollen knee.

The news did not get any better when learned that the Guilford Patriots lost game one 10-0 to the boys from Taiwan. Taiwan was cherry-picking their hits and leaving little bloops all over the place. Pats pitcher Michael Dimock took the loss and Esterlin Paulino came on in the sixth inning to close things out for the Patriots on the mound.

Catcher Lester Rivenbark played great behind the plate throwing out three Taiwan base runners and Rivenbark saved a couple of runs from scoring with his defense.

Next up for the Patriots will be the winner of tonight’s Mexico-Redlands, California game. The Guilford Patriots will be in action again with that crucial game number two on Friday night at 8pm.

No 5on5 basketball for the Patriots tonight as they get ready to try and score some runs and get back into the 2007 Palomino World Series.

10 thoughts on “Guilford Patriots drop game one in California

  1. not that one player would have made a difference, but how could a coach let his players, @ a world series no less, play basketball? that is absolutely ridiculous! they must have all been out playing basketball on 8/2, because they lost even worse in the 2nd round. baseball in the gate city is getting worse and worse.
    we need to bring back legion baseball in gso instead of palomino and even colt in my opinion.

  2. If Palomino rules were consistent throughout the nation things might be different. However, at the World Series the Tawain team is a an all-star national team. The California Redlands team is a team of mainly division 1 CA college baseball players. The team members are starters at USC, Long Beach State, Oregon State, etc. No high school kid from NC (try-outs or not) could compete with the teams at this World Series. This is not to make excuses for the loses just to explain that the rules are not the same in each zone.

  3. Sounds like the first 2 responses are jealous. The Patriots beat Asheboro legion team this year and also Alamance County’s. The Patriots played 51 games and were 37-14. I am proud of our guys. They were the best Greensboro had to offer. Get your crying towel and cry somewhere else.

  4. palomino baseball is weak and nothing compared to legion ball. you may have beaten randolph county legion in a single game, but they are better without a doubt.

  5. not jealous just stating the facts ,legion ball is better I know my son has played both & the patriots were not the best Greensboro had.

  6. If the Patriots were not the best then tell me who was. Who played more than 51 games this summer, who won 37 games this summer, who beat quality legion teams and played collegiate teams. You people amaze me that you are not knowledgeable about basball and are jealous because your kids did not make it far. Get a life.

  7. Also, the Patriots di split with the Dirtbags this summer as well. Get your facts before you start popping off.

  8. wesley, you are obviously very knowledgable about “basball”– hopefully, you were in a hurry, and it’s not that you cannot even spell it!!!!!

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