High School football scrimmage set for “NEXT” Saturday night at Simeon Stadium

Five teams will lace them up and play some sort of football at High Point’s Simeon Stadium on Saturday night. The scrimmages will run from 6-9pm. The area schools have only had one week of practice so they can’t go out in pads unless they use this as their first official workout in pads and that would not be a smart move. I would want to run my team in pads a couple of days before I sent them out to go through a full-contact scrimmage.

We will have people there representing greensborosports.com and I insure you that we will get a full report come Monday morning. The teams that will take the field include High Point Central, Ragsdale, Eastern Guilford, WS Parkland, and the 9th and 10th graders from the brand new Northern Guilford HS coached by the man that says he’s taking over Guilford County, Johnny Roscoe.

It all runs 6-9pm on Saturday night at Simeon Stadium in High Point. HPC has a new coach and I believe his name is Wally Jones or Billy Jones.

High Point Andrews brought in a new coach this week(Rodney McCoy) and the Principal at Andrews did not want the High Point Enterprise newspaper talking to McCoy. Andrews’ principal told the reporter that she wanted him to get off of the campus and suggested that he not run the story about the new coach because the HPE rep did not run the story by her first. She said, “Don’t print it”. The newspaper ran the story and Benny Phillips HPE writer said, “We(HPE) call the shots in this town”.

Albert Craddock, former Southwest Guilford star RB/LB will not play for the North Carolina Tar Heels this season and he won’t play for Hargrave Military Academy either. Craddock couldn’t get into UNC or HMA because he didn’t qualify academically and now rumor has it he will be working the back door at the WalMart out in Enid, Oklahoma.

Get out and enjoy yourself some football.

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  1. The HPC coaches name is Wayne Jones—The word on the street is some players and coaches at Grimsley were trying to get the teachers to change some grades without doing the work in the classroom so they could still be playing—we will be waiting to hear about this from GS.com.

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