How much would you be willing to pay for the Barry Bonds record-breaking home run ball?

What would be the going rate if you were wanting to purchase the Barry Bonds record-breaking home run ball? And the same can be said if you were trying to sell it. I’d be willing to pay $1000.00 to $1,500.00 for it and then maybe I could sell it and make a few bucks.

Who will get this ball after it is hit? Does the ball go directly to Major League Baseball or does it become the property of Barry Bonds? Will Bonds have to buy the ball back from the fan that catches it?

I bet you if Rob Shelton out of Greenville, South Carolina got his hands on that Barry Bonds home run ball he would donate it to the News and Record so that Allan Johnson could sell it and place the proceeds into the Meyer Anthony retirement fund. What would a man like Not Jim Melvin do with this piece of history?

The pace for the Big Home Run event is picking up and I heard baseball announcer Jon Miller on the Jim Rome Show the other day and he was telling JR that even the opposing broadcasters were jumping on the bandwagon. Miller said there was this guy calling the games for the other team and he was saying that Barry Bonds breaking the record, that’s no big deal. Then when Bonds jacked one out of the park the opposing play-by-play guy goes crazy. “Look out, thar she goes, Oh My, that sucker’s LONG GONE, can you believe it”…..

How much will that ball be worth? Are there any guesses out there? Maybe that ball will show up on the annual MASN telethon one day. Don Tilley of the Greensboro Parks and Recreation Department says MASN can’t ever come in here because of the MLB coverage map that won’t let them into this area. Is it Time Warner or MLB keeping MASN out of this market?

Good food for thought and not too heavy on the calories.