Johnny Walker goes for Radio World Record beginning Monday morning

Johnny Walker will going for the Radio World Record beginning on Monday morning at UNCG’s FM 103.1 WUAG. John will try to stay on the air non-stop for 175 hours straight. The old record is 125 hours and Johnny Walker is on a mission to take his Radio Marathon into histroy.

FOX 8 television will do five LIVE cut-ins during their early morning wake-up show on Monday and NEWS 2 and their Good Morning Show with the lovely Rosemary Plywood will be on hand doing at least 4 LIVE shots.

If you want to get on TV and on the radio at the same time join Johnny Walker Monday morning at about 6am on the UNCG campus and be a part of a possible history-making event. Cindy Fulmer has been promoting the event on her FOX 8 Morning Show promos all weekend long. She is saying, “see the Greenboro man that’s going for the Radio Record, LIVE on FOX 8 Monday morning”.

I was John Walker’s teacher many years ago and this kid can do it. He can Do It……… The Record, 125 hours non-stop on air for a raido shift, and Johnny Walker’s looking to go 175 hours in his Radio Marathon.

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  1. Good luck John! I have been cheering for you for a long time! And hey Andy, I miss you too! Alice Portis-Sheppard

  2. I visited with John Walker from 12noon till about 1:15 today(Monday). John was doing good and playing lots of music. News 2 TV and FOX 8 were in on Monday morning and John will be a guest on Rock 92’s Chris and Chris Show on Tuesday at 10:00am. John had taken 1 five minute break at 1pm and been on the air since 6am Monday morning. You can follow his assault of the Radio record for longest continuous air shift at 103.1 WUAG and they are streaming on-line at the UNCG station web site.

  3. Hey Andy! Yes I am doing well. I see John’s billboard on my way to work every morning and had to let Alice know about it. Good Luck John!

  4. I was with John both Monday and briefly Tuesday… so far he’s pretty chipper, and he has much support from staff and his family.

    I’ll be on Wednesday at 8:00pm doing a special “countdown” of the best electronica “anthems” ever, so try and tune in! And whatever you do, call him in the wee hours of the morning to keep him awake — he can do this!

  5. Thanks for the update Bill. We really need to prop this man Johnny Walker up and give him some support. If he can take his allowed breaks and catch a nap or two within the guidelines then John can go on and on and on. I was up there Monday and Tuesday and will try to get back by there today(Wednesday). I have been listening while in my car and Johnny seems to be holding his own. This could be huge for Greensboro and for 103.1 WUAG and UNCG.

    Hang in there John and keep going on and on and on in this Marathon. He’s right at 53 hours and still rolling as of 11am Wednesday.

  6. Thank you Bill and Mr. Durham, not to mention everyone else, for giving John your support. He’s got the backing to make it! We’re planning on getting married in November, and, let me tell you, I know this man REALLY well, and if anyone can break this record, it is JOHNNY!!!!!! All of his hard work before and during this event will surely bring him to his goal…….I have no doubt about it. Once again folks, thank you so much for giving John your love, support and prayers!

  7. JW is the man, I was down there today and he is blowing this thing out. Diego, Donny, Sheetal, Crissy, Alice, Bill, Jack, and others say go Johnny.

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