Johnny Walker goes for Radio World Record beginning Monday morning

Johnny Walker will going for the Radio World Record beginning on Monday morning at UNCG’s FM 103.1 WUAG. John will try to stay on the air non-stop for 175 hours straight. The old record is 125 hours and Johnny Walker is on a mission to take his Radio Marathon into histroy.

FOX 8 television will do five LIVE cut-ins during their early morning wake-up show on Monday and NEWS 2 and their Good Morning Show with the lovely Rosemary Plywood will be on hand doing at least 4 LIVE shots.

If you want to get on TV and on the radio at the same time join Johnny Walker Monday morning at about 6am on the UNCG campus and be a part of a possible history-making event. Cindy Fulmer has been promoting the event on her FOX 8 Morning Show promos all weekend long. She is saying, “see the Greenboro man that’s going for the Radio Record, LIVE on FOX 8 Monday morning”.

I was John Walker’s teacher many years ago and this kid can do it. He can Do It……… The Record, 125 hours non-stop on air for a raido shift, and Johnny Walker’s looking to go 175 hours in his Radio Marathon.