Bonds Hits 755

Barry Bonds hit his 755 home run Saturday night in San Diego….

Alex Rodriguez hit his 500th Saturday as well – the youngest player to do so.

So Bonds needs one more to break the record, and face the rest of his life looking in the mirror as A-Rod moves up on the “new” record. No Need for a STAR, it won’t last long.

5 thoughts on “Bonds Hits 755

  1. No One. What does this have to do with local sports? Barry Bonds should retire before he breaks it just to save what little crediablity baseball has left. Who thinks this is the most important record in sports? I’m so tired of hearing that line being fed to us by the media. Even if it WAS the most important, it sure isn’t now thanks to Bonds. That is the whole point of keeping stats, so everyone can clearly see who the best HR hitter of all time is. Thanks to the “steriod era” we will never know…

  2. A-rod will break the record in 10 years-the thing i wonder about is why everybody made such a big deal when Sammy Sosa and Mark Mcguire were trying to break the single season record-we all knew they were doing steroids-is it because Barry Bonds is such a rude and arrogant buthole?

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