Coming and Going

Bronko Lubich former Mid-Atlantic tag-team champion and World Class Championship Wrestling referee was found dead this weekend. Old age would be the cause, he was in his late 70’s. He teamed with Aldo Bogni and was managed by Homer Odell in the NWA and worked the North Carolina area with regularity in the mid to late 1960’s.

Lubich moved on to Texas and worked for Fritz Von Erich as lead referee. Lubich was a big force on WCCW wrestling which ran in the Triad on The Great Entertainer WGGT back in the mid-80’s. I used to watch Lubich ref matches every Saturday morning calling out Chris Adams, Gino Hernandez, Cactus Jack Manson, The Dingo Warrior, Kerry Von Erich, Rick Rude, and many others.

Lubich was Texas country tough and you didn’t mess with this big man. Cause of death, he ran out of time and had too many birthdays.

Brian “Crush” Adams was found dead today. Adams was with the WWE/WCW and teamed late in the day with Brian Clark to form the tag-team Kronik. He was the third member of “Demolition” with Axe and Smash(Bill Eadie and Barry Darsow).

From the Greensboro file, still living and still coming on strong, Stan Lane married up this weekend. He married a young woman who is employed by Room to Go. Lane was “Sweet Stan” in the Midnight Express with Bobby Eaton managed by Jim Cornette and he was with Steve Kiern in the “Fabulous Ones” tag-team.

Lane graduated from Page High School and his new wife the beautiful Maria Burnette looks like she is from the Bahamas. See Stan and Maria on page D6 of the Sunday News and Record’s Life section. You also might be able to get it by going to

Stan’s dad was real estate mover and shaker Wally Lane and his best friend was Phil Wise both now deceased. Wise also went to Page and later played some football for the University of North Carolina at Chapel-Hill. Many feel Wise checked out early because of Steroid use which lead to heart problems.

There you have it and very little of this info came from other web sites. When you’re Hot you’re Hot and I got a lot, of smarts. Don’t you think I am a genius?

*****Stan Lane must be genius, they showed his wedding on SNN News 6 in Sarasota, Florida and Stan announces boat races on your major boat-racing networks.*****

3 thoughts on “Coming and Going

  1. i may be mistaken, but phil wise (one of the greatest prep athletes —hs football & youth baseball — in gso ), never actually palyed football @ carolina, did he?

  2. The word is he was on the team and he blew his knees out. How much actual playing time he got is anybody’s guess. They say he was a running back that was tough to bring down. Matt you should know and ask Johnny Swofford, Phil and Johnny from Elkin should have been coming through Chapel Hill at about the same time. Swofford the old Tar Heel QB and AD and now the Commish of the ACC.

  3. Congrats to Stan, a great guy and great to hear he’s having a happy after wrestling life.

    Sorry to hear about Bronko. Always enjoyed hearing his name announced as the referree from the World Famous Sportatorium.

    RIP, Bryan Adams. I know the cause of death has not been announced, but I’m betting on another heart giving out. It doesn’t take a Rocket Surgeon to figure out the heart is a muscle, and steriods put a lot of stress on it, as we are finding out over and over again.

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