John E. Walker breaks the Record

John Walker has broken the record for longest running DJ air shift going for the 175 hours as of 11:30am Monday morning. John will complete his radio marathon at 1pm today, Monday August 13, 2007 and he has made history.

John officially broke the record back on Saturday morning at 11am and now he is in the process of shattering the record for longest running radio air shift.

Johnny Walker will close out is radio marathon at 103.1 WUAG, the UNCG campus station, this afternoon at 1pm. If you missed it then you lost out on history and it was made right here in your own backyard.

I spread the word about all these local activities and many of you miss them because your are too lazy to jump on board the train. As the man dying from ALS said on TV last Sunday, this is not a dress rehearsal, this is the real thing. If you want to get something done in life you better get to work, if you want to come up empty, just stand back and watch.

For John Walker who just broke the record and now is setting a standard that might never be touched, Johnny for a few days, Rest in Peace. RIP, John Walker, and way to go on breaking that WORLD RECORD. We throw a few kudos along to Jack Boney the program director/station manager at WUAG 103.1 and to the University of North Carolina at Greensboro for hosting this history-making event.

The old record 125 hours non-stop, the new record belongs to John Walker:175 hours non-stop Radio Marathon.

18 thoughts on “John E. Walker breaks the Record

  1. What do you mean we miss it? Miss what? Did they sell tickets to this thing or something? It’s just a stunt. It’s not 1950. This kind of thing isn’t very impressive.

    And what guy on TV with ALS? Lou Gehrig? Once again, it’s not 1950. We’re not all watching the same TV station. You might want to be a little more specific.

  2. Wow, WAUG is still on the air. Was he actually trying to break the record or did UNCG just not have anybody slotted for all those hours? I’ll give the guy some huge props for going that distance, but have to wonder if a real radio station would not be a better venue for gimmick of this type. Regardless, I hope this guy gets home and sleeps for a few days.

  3. Commercial radio stations would not give up their money time to let someone come in and try to break this type of record. WUAG is the one and they have picked up many new listeners during the past week. The other stations are in it for the Buck only and WUAG realizes this type of event helpled put them on the map. The regular DJ’s were coming in and they wanted their shifts back but Jack at 103.1 was committed to this effort and so was You have to set a goal and stay with it and that’s what John Walker did. I was at the station today and we picked this guy up and carried him on our back and he was very appreciative. WUAG is a real radio station, it’s just a student run community station and John Walker was representing the community. Great idea and I commend him for his success. When I make a call to back this type of effort it is a gutsy move but some times you have to go for it and this time it paid off. John is about the music not the publicity. The TV stations were using him to get viewers(look at this crazy man) not John going for the lights, camera, and the action. At the end there were no TV stations at WUAG, it was just the people who have been supporting John over the past week, many who have come over to to express their support.

    It’s all about taking up a cause and leading the way and that’s what John did. The other UNCG students were jealous in some ways but they knew they could never pull off what John did. I have gone into detail explaining this but you the readers need to know that has once again rode along and been part of a major event at no charge to the readers and you all are better for it.

  4. Eh I’d say there weren’t any tv stations there because all the decision makers in tv news are still enrolled at other colleges working for their degrees. And they have UNCG Envy. 😉

  5. There are soo many people that are jealous of John Walker because he is famous. When I first heard about this record I thought it would be easy but after I did the math I found out this is soo tough how could a normal person do this. You have to be into the musxic and have the heart. John has it the rest of us don’t, Johnny has the record and everyboday else is on the outside looming in. Rock on with Rockin’ Ray Ramone.

  6. Did anyone else see that this guy is 39 years old? That’s amazing. I hope he can turn this into a big gig with a real station for the next half of his life.

    I remember WQFS used to have a couple of clowns on Sunday afternoons. DJ Oboy and Dr. D. Those guys were the epitome of college radio. John Walker is too good for this venue.

  7. I’m still turning out the hits at QFS. We’re spinning the Goldman Oldies on Sunday night from 9-12midnight. DJ OJ

  8. Kudos to John E. At least there’s one person in this stinkin’ town who’s willing to get off their lazy duff and TRY something different. Too many of us are simply plopped on our couches, stuffing our faces with toxins (i.e, chips, pizzas, greaseburgers,etc.), playing critic or Monday morning QB. John E proves that there’s still room for the “crackpot” with a dream, who has the gumption to make it happen! Old you say? 39? Same age as me. Hell, that’s nothin’. To quote the Carpenters: “We’ve only just begun.” You go, John. Waitin’ for your next adventure …

  9. This will never be broken, I heard that there was a live monitor watching him across the world, and he only got 5 minute break every hour, 175 hours straight. Wow. Great job. Now go to bed..

  10. Is this the same John Walker who used to ROCK WQFS, i remember back in 1989 and the 90’s that him another guy had a show called DARK THUNDER, metal, it was awesome. If this was him, and someone can get him and the other guy back on the radio to have a show, that would be great.
    Rock on , and Congrats…

  11. Hey I remember DARK THUNDER back when i was in college, great show, both guys were really cool, and fun. Congrats to Johnny Walker, world record, so cool. Maybe you and your Dark Thunder buddy can do a reunion show, how cool is that. Keep going Johnny……

  12. Ok Ok Ok , so who is Johnnie Walker? A hard drink ? A wild and crazy dude ? Or was this
    ” we just got punked “. yes, this was great / yes, this was unbelievable, and yes this dude was crazy for staying awake for 8 freakin days. As Barney Fife ues to say, ” he’s a Nut a real Nut.
    But good job, dude. Can you go for 250 next time..?

  13. Way to go John, we read the article in Go Triad, 175 thats a long time. We looked you up on the internet and this site came up, really werid, andy durham is on this site, way to cool. Oh well, if you don’t read this, its ok, we just want to tell everybody that ” Hey we know somebody in The Guiness World Record Book. P.S. does anybody know if he is really getting married? Last we heard he was just seperated a few months ago? If so CONGRATS to you and your new Bride. Wishing you all the luck in the world. Deb, Sharon, Teri,

  14. Man, this dude really worked it out. He has the best broadcasting voice I have ever heard.
    Me and my friends listened as much as possible, the music was great with lots of energy, and the interviews were very professional. Someone needs to hire this guy, TV, Radio, Interviewer, etc,etc.. Great Job man, you ROCK…..Do iti again, but as a regular gig, u know 4 or 5 hours a day, We Will Listen…Congratulation on your World Record.

  15. hey this guy is my second cousin and if anyone thinks hes not amazing for this is stupid
    i love you johhhn
    -kelbie causey

  16. I realize that I’m way late to this party. But can someone direct me to current contact info for John Walker?

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