John E. Walker breaks the Record

John Walker has broken the record for longest running DJ air shift going for the 175 hours as of 11:30am Monday morning. John will complete his radio marathon at 1pm today, Monday August 13, 2007 and he has made history.

John officially broke the record back on Saturday morning at 11am and now he is in the process of shattering the record for longest running radio air shift.

Johnny Walker will close out is radio marathon at 103.1 WUAG, the UNCG campus station, this afternoon at 1pm. If you missed it then you lost out on history and it was made right here in your own backyard.

I spread the word about all these local activities and many of you miss them because your are too lazy to jump on board the train. As the man dying from ALS said on TV last Sunday, this is not a dress rehearsal, this is the real thing. If you want to get something done in life you better get to work, if you want to come up empty, just stand back and watch.

For John Walker who just broke the record and now is setting a standard that might never be touched, Johnny for a few days, Rest in Peace. RIP, John Walker, and way to go on breaking that WORLD RECORD. We throw a few kudos along to Jack Boney the program director/station manager at WUAG 103.1 and to the University of North Carolina at Greensboro for hosting this history-making event.

The old record 125 hours non-stop, the new record belongs to John Walker:175 hours non-stop Radio Marathon.