Pacman Jones is for Real suckers……

The Associated Press has a story published on Pacman Jones’s TNA PPV appearance Sunday night. The story began:

Adam “Pacman” Jones ended up surrounded by police Sunday night. This time they were actors trying to help the suspended cornerback, who had been allegedly “attacked.”Not a finger was laid on Jones on-camera Sunday at the Total Nonstop Action Wrestling event, but several were awfully close. A wrestler rushed the stage after jawing with Jones, but four actors with police clothing tackled him just out of reach.

The story closed with a note about Jones’s six arrests, noting: “His sixth arrest came in June when he was booked by Las Vegas police in the most serious case. He is under indictment there on two felony counts of coercion stemming from a February fight at a strip club that left a bouncer, a former wrestler himself, paralyzed.

Jones is the real deal. This man means business and those police officers were probably real too. Don’t mess with P Jones. This might blow up in the media’s face because Adam Jones is a very sincere man. He wants to do the right thing and he really is trying to entertain all of you. Support the Pacman while he is on vacation from the NFL and now working with the TNA. TNA is ready to make a move in the wrestling circles and this is your chance to get on board.

SPIKE TV carries TNA on Thursday evenings at 9pm and you can get SPIKE on Channel 18 here locally on Time Warner Cablevision. TNA is taking over sports entertainment like rabid dogs going into a meat locker. This is it, it’s time to join the Adrenaline Rush. If you have problems with this I suggest you see your neighborhood physician.

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2 thoughts on “Pacman Jones is for Real suckers……

  1. Pacman is an idiot. He does not understand why he was suspended and what he needs to do to get in the good graces with his employer. The Tennessee Titans and The NFL do not want him involved with Pro Wrestling. One reason is because there is a chance for injury (see Triple H, Bobby Lashley) Another is the enviroment. Steriods, painkillers, etc.

    They tried asking Pacman not to do it, he wouldn’t listen. They ended up having to get a court order to stop him. Pacman still didn’t get it. He goes in the ring and basically taunts his employers by running an angle where he almost gets involved in a confrontation. Then the fans have a little fun by “making it rain” as he leaves the ring.

    I doubt TNA is paying him much. Not nearly enough to cover his prorated signing bonus, if the Titans decide to can him for breach of contract.

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