The Tolly Carr case:Is there an Attorney in the house?

We need a legal representative to shed some light on what went down over in Forsyth County yesterday.

What did go down? Tolly Carr, the award-winning sportscaster for WXII TV 12, pleaded Guilty and was sentenced to something like three years in jail, 100 hours of community service, and a $10,000 fine for his involvement in the death of young Casey Bokhoven.

Mr. Carr ran the kid over while driving drunk through a construction site and what did he get? Three years?

Mr. Attorney out there somewhere in land, is this correct? #1:Am I reading things right? Did the newspaper say three years, community service, and a fine, or were there other stipulations in the sentencing? #2:Was this fair punishment for the crime that was committed? #3:What do you the readers have to say about this, do you agree or disagree with the sentencing?

We need a Locke Clifford or Stuart Albright, Mike Barber, Jan Pritchett, Ken Free, Don Rumsey, or maybe Johnny Cochrane Jr. to step up and help explain what is going on here.

Maybe it is all over now but will this nightmare ever really end for Tolly or the Bokhoven family? Please can someone other than our staff here shed some more light on what took place in that courtroom on Monday August 13, 2007?

5 thoughts on “The Tolly Carr case:Is there an Attorney in the house?

  1. A few years ago, local television stations had their reporters and anchors sign a morals contract that prohibited most drinking in public. It was the result of a local anchor’s DUI. Now that has gone away.

    The TV stations spend thousands of dollars promoting their “stars”, only to have them screw up. It was unfortunate that Tolly Carr’s indiscretions resulted in the death of Casey Bokhoven. However, you need only go downtown on any weekend to see your favorite TV stars boozing it up.

    One local FOX reporter was profiled regularly on the web with her nightlife activities.

    Drinking is an American passion; but with it, goes responsibilities. The local TV stations need to step up and put their morals clauses back into effect. Other companies have already done as much – making drinking an employment issue as much as smoking.

    As one person put it on TV last night – “A $10 Cab Ride would have saved Casey’s life.” The only problem is that we do not think that way. It must become automatic.

  2. I was thinking the sentence seemed rather light myself Andy. I will interested to see if an attorney weighs in with some perspective.

  3. Most of the commentary I have seen has placed this as a middle of the road type sentence. Doesn’t seem to be enough for killing someone, but then again, what would be? I personally don’t think the 4 months in jail did Tolly one bit of good. I think the judge actually extended what he normally would have deemed necessary because of this. At least Tolly should be well conditioned for his time behind bars. I guess he didn’t need rehab afterall given the two plus years he will have to dry out.

  4. I am a former lawyer who lost my license for DWI. I have a feel for what this young man is going through. One day is too much when you are locked up behind bars after spending way too many nights trying to crawl home from them.

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