The Tolly Carr case:Is there an Attorney in the house?

We need a legal representative to shed some light on what went down over in Forsyth County yesterday.

What did go down? Tolly Carr, the award-winning sportscaster for WXII TV 12, pleaded Guilty and was sentenced to something like three years in jail, 100 hours of community service, and a $10,000 fine for his involvement in the death of young Casey Bokhoven.

Mr. Carr ran the kid over while driving drunk through a construction site and what did he get? Three years?

Mr. Attorney out there somewhere in land, is this correct? #1:Am I reading things right? Did the newspaper say three years, community service, and a fine, or were there other stipulations in the sentencing? #2:Was this fair punishment for the crime that was committed? #3:What do you the readers have to say about this, do you agree or disagree with the sentencing?

We need a Locke Clifford or Stuart Albright, Mike Barber, Jan Pritchett, Ken Free, Don Rumsey, or maybe Johnny Cochrane Jr. to step up and help explain what is going on here.

Maybe it is all over now but will this nightmare ever really end for Tolly or the Bokhoven family? Please can someone other than our staff here shed some more light on what took place in that courtroom on Monday August 13, 2007?