William Graves is the Man at Southern Guilford

William Graves is one of the top returning backs in our area and this kid can do one thing that will make Southern Guilford a threat every time they take the football field. This kid can run and better yet he can run fast. I’m talking real fast. He’s one of the top high school runners in the state in the 100 and 200 meters.

Take that speed and put a helmet and pads with it and you have a track meet getting ready to break out on the gridiron. William Graves could end up with some of the biggest numbers we have seen in recent years. Last season Graves rushed for over 1,200 yards and scored 14 TD’s and averaged 23 yards per kickoff return. Let’s say he doubles that this year.

Graves will be running against 2-A competition for the most part and he should dominate. Southern Guilford plays a very tough 3-A squad Southeast Guilford on September 7 but like I said, the 2-A teams better look out.

Can anyone stop this William Graves kid? He may be set to top the accomplishments of that other William Graves fellow who starred in basektball at Dudley HS and is now down in Roy Williams stable at North Carolina.

I honestly feel like that if I was coaching Graves he would be All-American. Give this fast man the ball and let him run all night long. Look for Graves to go over 2,000 yards and to score at least 24 times and Southern Guilford is on the way going deep into the playoffs.

If Graves gets hurt I’ll be out of the state until the end of the year.

7 thoughts on “William Graves is the Man at Southern Guilford

  1. Graves will run every team he faces into the grave. No one can stop this kid, long live the Indians. SGHS will always be the Indians

  2. He will never put up the numbers of the best running back to ever come through Guilford County—-Ted Brown of HP Andrews do not get to excited yet.

  3. I will be at Sumner to watch William and the Indians play ball vs. East Davidson on Friday night. I am interested in the this kid. My dad always said that it’s hard to teach natural speed and this young man has it.

    Vince Lombardi Jr.

  4. I’d like to find a good game to go to Friday. Where is the best matchup and can you good folks direct me to the big game. I’ve been to some big ones in South Carolina but didn’t know if they had any big high school football games here? What’s the cost, 7 or 8 dollars?

  5. william is my brother….and yes he is a good kid…he train 24/7..thats the reason why hes soo good at sports, hes not lazy and when he puts his mind to something he gets it done, and im just writing to say ..that i love my brother and im very proud of him and i hope he go all the way to pro cause i know he will…♥

  6. yeah will is real nice @ running the ball but other then dat everybody come out the the game vs SOUTHEAST beacause it will be a big game

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