This man is asking some Questions, got any Answers?

Larry Causey said,

Hey whatever happened to Billy “Crash” Craddock? I heard his grandson was playing football for the Southeast Guilford Falcons and that the kid was a pretty good player. Anybody know if this is true?

I have been tracking the Guilford County teams for many years and wondered which of the teams has been most successful over the years? I hear that Richard Kemp won two titles at Ragsdale and that Western won one back in the late 70’s and Page won at least three 4-A Titles but has anyone got the championship since Page won theirs back in the mid-80’s? I’m talking Guilford County schools only and maybe High Point Central or Andrews won something? Does anybody know anything on this one? Marion Kirby the best coach ever in Guilford County or was it Bob Jamieson?

I heard about you guys down at the Southern Guilford game the other night. We have one of the best players in the County, his name is William Graves. He may be little but he is the fastest kid I have ever seen once he gets going. His dad has done a super job preparing his son for the season. Graves is probably Guilford County’s top back this year.

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  1. High Point Central was the last Guilford County school to win a state title, taking the 2A title in 1999. Central also won a 4A title in 1979. High Point Andrews has three titles, two 4A titles in 1972 and 1976 and one 3A title in 1991. The other three title winning schools you have already mentioned, Western with a 3A title in 1977 and Ragsdale with back to back 3A titles in 1973 and 1974. Page under Marion Kirby won four 4A titles 1980 and 1983-1985. With those four titles in six years I think you have to give Kirby the nod as the best Guilford County coach. He built a true power house program.

    Looking at those stats above it is obvious the 70’s were the decade for football in Guilford County. From 1972 – 1980 there were seven fo0tball titles brought back to Guilford.

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