Why make such a Big Deal about ECU vs. Virginia Tech?

Why all the fuss about East Carolina at Virginia Tech next Saturday? This is supposed to be a football game not a memorial to the 32 students that died back on April 16.

Why are they using this football game to honor the slain students? There has been enough coverage of this event already. I was listening to Pacman Packer and Kirk Herbstreit the other afternoon and they were pumping up the ECU/Virginia Tech game as way to promote their shows.(Kirk-ESPN GameDay and Pacman Packer, his Southern Fried Football Tour)

Why are Pacman and Herbstreit using this game for their personal gain? The students who died are dead. They are gone. Why keep bringing this up? Let the kids rest in peace and their families find peace on earth.

Should this football game serve as a memorial to the students that were murdered? None of them were football players. The funerals have taken place already, it’s time to move on. The murder scene was imprinted into our minds on Monday April 16, do we have to re-live this and do the Hokie students and parents want to have this massacre brought up again?

There will be other college football games across the country on September 1. What about Wake Forest, Duke, N.C. State, North Carolina, Elon, Greensboro College, Guilford, NC A&T, Clemson, South Carolina, Appalachian State going to Michigan and all the other games on tap?

This is a major mistake. The game at Virginia Tech should be a low-key affair and the attention should be on the men who are fighting on the field. This is about sport and not fodder for “A Current Affair”.

They held the special memorial services for the slain students back in April at Virginia Tech and now the focus should be on Football and increased Campus Security. Pacman Packer and Kirk Herbstreit need to concentrate on their respective “Sports” shows and stay away from trying to increase their audiences by pushing the sympathy envelope.

Do these men care? I say not. All they care about is building an audience and increasing the size of their paychecks.

16 thoughts on “Why make such a Big Deal about ECU vs. Virginia Tech?

  1. I say you do not know much about football—ECU is the best team in the Carolinas and VT is ranked in the top 10—That is what makes this a big game.

  2. What the Hell are you talking about, this game is HUGE……………………….

    Frank Beamer and Skip Holtz, it doesn’t get any better than this. They will honor the students and who cares about Pacman? Everybody knows he is a jerk and living off his daddy’s name. Football is the SPORT in Blacksburg and we can honor the dead and kill ECU all in the same day.


  3. I feel that VA Tech needs to focus on the football and forget all these stupid tributes and memorials. Just play football and conduct the other business in the privacy of your home or church. Keep it out of the football stadium.

  4. ECU? VT is overrated in a weak conference, BUT … watch out for Carolina. They’re gonna surprise some people this year. Butch Davis rules …!

  5. The Hokies are bunch of babies. They want us to cry for them and make them feel better. We got something for you and it’s a Pirate hit upside the head. Frank Beamer looks like Butch Davis’s grandfather and Dean Smith’s brother. How old is Frank?

    At least East Carolina has a coach who is under 60. Skip Holtz rocks and here come the Pirates into Blacksburg to spoil your pity party Hokies.

  6. Hey Ladies, er I mean Hokies, take off your skirts and put on your football gear and hit the field. We’re getting sick and tired of all your cryin’ and complaining about having to go out and face us on the turf again. We’re ready, can you take it?

  7. Spread the word Brother Meck, we are coming through Virginia and we’re going to tear down Blacksburg and take the goal posts back to Greenville, NC.

    32 plus whatevers left after Saturday afternoon.

  8. We’re gonna kill the ECU Pirates. Their QB got a DWI. We’ll bury them 56-0. East Carolina is toast and the ECU fans don’t have respect for anybody, but they will now.

    The Hokies will give the ECU QB a good old-fashioned PUI at VPI. Playing under the influence (PUI) of a major concussion. We are taking 33 of your guys and then we’ll take 23 more to make the FINAL 56-0.

    VPI says E-C-U later.

  9. Willy Korn can’t crack corn but he might get his neck broke against South Carolina. GAMECOCKS are the team to beat, not ECU or VPI

    Steve O aka SOS

  10. Mike Hogewood said VIRGINIA tech was going to win and that’s good enough for me. We like mike and we always did.

  11. A message to Cokie Nation,

    You have no idea how mistaken you are when you say East Carolina doesn’t have respect for other teams. ECU is giving Virginia Tech $100,000 at the game, even though VT is a much larger and well-to-do university. Besides, no one expects ECU to win this one just like no one expected the Carolina Panthers to beat New Orleans when the first game was played in the repaired Super Dome.

    Look at all these people from other schools (even your own) saying, “Ok, guys, we’ve bitched about those innocently killed students enough, since none of them played football, they obviously don’t mean shit to the world …LET’S PLAY A GAME!”

    For a supposed nationally-ranked team, you guys sure are excited about getting a sympathy win from East Carolina. It’s people like you that make all college football fans look like complete idiots.

  12. First of all, everyone who is talking down on VT and their fans and whatever else about this game should seriously be ashamed of themselves. Why not let a community heal with a celebration and ceremony to honor those that died for no reason in front of 66,000 of our own? My friends at VT are still scared to walk to enter classes as they think of those students dying. Yes they are dead, yes we have mourned them, and yes they are not coming back. But why not let their parents and familys and peers hear what it sounds like to have 66,000 people including the football teams themselves raise up and show their support for those lost. This was not a car accident. This was not a bar fight. This was a massacre, and as a Hokie I can’t wait to see my fellow students and teacher share their emotions on their sleeves with no fear of being judged with so many of their own. Before I read this article I was proud to have ECU come share this experience with us in Blacksburg this weekend, now I know how you really feel. Grow up and have some compassion… Shame…

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