State-wide College Football Top 10

#1)Appalachian State
#2)Wake Forest
#3)North Carolina
#4)East Carolina
#5)NC State
#6)TIE: Elon and Guilford College
#7)Winston-Salem State
#8)Greensboro College
#9)NC A&T
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48 thoughts on “State-wide College Football Top 10

  1. I think I’d put Duke ahead of A & T. But watch out for the new kids on the block, UNC-Pembroke!

  2. Greensboro College at UNC-Pembroke this Saturday. Pembroke gave Davidson one heck of a battle last Saturday. First Braves game since the 1950’s I believe, and I think UNC-P is still the Braves and the score with the loss to the Davidson Wildcats was about a 10 point difference.

  3. Guilford is the team to beat. They put 70 points on the board Saturday and that my friends is Real Offense. The Quakers may have the 2nd best QB in the state, Josh Vogelbach, rated right behind Edwards at ASU.

    Keep an eye on the Quakers and their pass-happy program.

  4. Will North Carolina beat ECU, NC State, and Wake this year with new coach Butch Davis and will Duke drop football or move to ODAC? Congrats to App.

    The Tar Heels will be Big Five Champs.

  5. This is a joke, right? Greensboro College is included, but powerhouses like Wingate, Lees Mcrae, Brevard and Davidson were jilted. Come on Andy, where’s the love?

    Give the Neers credit, while the majority of the country was on their bandwagon the other day, we were also breathing a sigh of relief that we did not have to play them this year. Sadly, the Michigan game is the only barometer we have to rate App State against top tier competition. While the Marshalls, Boise States and UConns of the world parlayed their 1-AA national championships and fan support into Division 1 status, App State just seems content to let the train pass them by, always wondering what could have been.

    Give App State some props for their strategy though. With the mass exodus of top level 1-AA teams to the next level, App has filled the void left behind by signing those players who otherwise would not have been able to qualify at a higher educational level. So while App may not be, and may not ever be a Division 1-A type program, they can always claim to be the best of the rest.

  6. Rob,

    You may want to double check your facts. App State has high entrance requirements. We’re not N.C. State or Marshall and will take any player that has baggage. Players that cause problems don’t stay at Appalachian. They either don’t admit them to the school or drop them from the team. Check your college rankings and you’ll find App State near the top of the public college listings.

  7. I’ll take the Heels over the guys from the Hills any day of the week. Appalaychian State’s win over Michigan was a fluke win. The Mountain Men just got lucky, the Wolverines gave the game away.

    The Heels are the team, with Butch Davis in charge the sky is the limit. North Carolina will crack the Top 25 before the end of the year and they will be your Big Five Champs with fairly easy wins over ECU, State, Wake, and Duke.

    North Carolina-Appalaychian State, the Heels win it No Contest. Appalaychian State would be afraid to play a Butch Davis-coached Tar Heel team.

    Heels rule, ASU will struggle with Lenior Rhyne. That’s my prediction and you can take it to your local NCNB.(Dino Hackett’s a moonshiner)

  8. Being 10th on list that places Elon 2nd doesn’t really impress me. Kids that can’t make it academically in Div 1-A first, shop in 1-AA second. True enrollment requirements for non-athletes may be a little different, but let’s face it, non-athletes that can’t get in UNC, NC State and ECU, go to App.

    That being said, Appalachian State is probably on par with ECU and Wake and all three probably would rank atop a list of NC college football rankings. Unfortunately, App does not have the rocks to jump to the next level and separate themselves further.

  9. Wake Forest bounces back and they will beat Nebraska this Saturday. Come out to Groves Stadium and support the Demon Deacons as they defeat the Cornhuskers.

    GO DEACS:WFU the home of the ACC CHAMPIONS

  10. Actually, kids that can’t make it academically go the JUCO route, not I-AA. As for playing the Heels, App State would be glad to, but the Heels don’t have the stones to play us.

  11. Are you saying that the Neers don’t accept partial and non-qualifiers? This is the reason that Florida A&M dropped there application for Division 1 status. App’s athletic handbook actually lists both cases to in their athletic handbook and the rules regarding those individuals. In other words, App accepts those athletes who would not have been able to enter a Division 1 school.

    UNC doen’t play App because they are usually too busy losing to Furman.

  12. Monte, you obviously didn’t watch the game. ASU had the lead for most of the game and also committed several critical mistakes. UM just got beat. It was by no means the “upset” fanfare in the media.

    Rob, you are way off on your academic comment. Academic entrance requirements to ASU is right behind NCSU, and I would not be surprised to see them on par this coming year. Ihave 2 kids in college right now – one at UNC and one at ASU. I have two in high school, one is a senior and interested in NCSU and ASU – not much difference in entrance requirements. Luckilly, she can have her pick whereever she wants to go. BTW, I went to NCSU.

    I don’t know about the handbook and the non-qualifiers, but I can tell you first hand from the recruiting experience that ASU’s “standards” for the total package – academic and individual qualities is way above that of NCSU, UNC, and ECU. I think things will change with Tom O’Brien and Butch Davis, but the recruiting practices for last few years for both UNC and NCSU have been a disaster in more ways than one.

  13. ASU accepting partial and non qualifiers is not an opinion, it is fact. Its good they have those resources to pull from and it is great that those individuals have options for higher education.

    I like App, and respect the school for what it is. ASU serves as a perfect platform for people not smart enough to get into UNC, but to sell App as this mecca of academic standards is just moronic.

    I’m sure that NC State has been hurt by App’s popularity over that past several years. I mean, why go an bust your buns for a scientific/technical degree from NCSU, when you can go and ski, smoke weed, get blitzed, and win National Championships in Boone while studying English or Communications. Choice seems pretty obvious to me.

  14. I think we’ve already seen a very good example of moronic thinking. And it’s colored green with envy. There are people, and Rob is a perfect example, who are terrified of a change in the status quo. He feels threatened and the best he can do is to take third-grade level potshots at ASU. Let him wallow in his ignorance.

  15. As a UNC grad, I’m embarrassed by some of the comments here about App State and UNC. App is a great school, I don’t see why its necessary for UNC fans to put App down. Admitting that App is a good school doesn’t make UNC any less excellent. App doesn’t take football players who aren’t academically eligible for other schools, that’s just ignorant. App football players were mostly ignored by larger schools because of size, or because they went to small high schools. I don’t see why its necessary to put down a team of hard working kids who did something unprecedented last weekend. Does it make yall feel better about yourselves?

    Also, its obvious that some of you never actually watched the App-UM game. Michigan didn’t give the game away. App was ahead for the majority of the game, if anyone almost gave the game away, it was the Mountaineers.

    Another factual inaccuracy: App is not moving up to I-A because there is a 4 year moratorium instituted by the NCAA. Not because they’re missing an opportunity.

  16. Opportunity waits for no-one. App missed theirs.

    Miss Teen South Carolina…. Do I really need to explain. Maybe I’m just not getting through to you guys because people in Iraq and South Africa hve no clue where Boone is.

  17. Concerning Appstate’s fluke win,

    I don’t believe there is such a thing as a fluke win in any level of football. The game is 60 minutes long.

    ‘Neers vs ‘Heels: Would be a great game this year or any year. The sell-out crowd will get their moneys- worth no matter what the outcome.

    I went to ASU and love my I-AA team. We will love our team no matter what subdivision they play in. Going I-A is a HUGE financial commitment that takes several years to complete (aside from the moratorium). Appstate doesn’t want to take this leap prematurely, like many other teams have done so recently.

    J, thanks for your post. It was very inciteful and classy.

  18. No need to explain anything, your agenda is clear. I graduated from an Ivy League school so I am all too familiar with the elitism you exhibit. I saw it every day. It was ridiculous then and it’s ridiculous now. Taking the time to familiarize yourself with the school would change your mind, but I’m sure you don’t want facts to get in the way of a good hissy fit.

  19. “non-athletes that can’t get in UNC, NC State and ECU, go to App” – Rob

    THE Carolina Elitest mentality – thats why I NEVER wanted to go there, good school, yes-but then you become “one of them”

    In all honesty, I WANTED to go to App. ECU and State were my “backups” – my parents would not have paid for me to go to UNC if you know what I mean.

    How many years does Butch Davis have until the UNC “faithful” run him out of town?

    I wish we could play UNC in football.

    -A Proud Alum from THE Appalachian State University

  20. Appalachian State accepts partial, non-qualifers and Miss Teen SC. These are facts, not opinions.

    For those of you so called ASU alums….how many UNC fans were among your fan base while you attended Appalachian? Did you feel there was a significant portion of the student population that would have chosen UNC first if there had been a chance of being accepted?

    Look guys, I like App. I generally attend one or two App State games each year. This whole discussion has stemmed from my initial post inferring App would accept those atheltes that normally would not qualify elsewhere. This is a true statement given the school’s and subdivision’s standards. You may want to brand me as an elistist, but I’m not the one trying to sugar coat or bend truths. The facts are what they are.

  21. ASU is Division I. The minimum standards for admission are set by the NCAA. The standards for admission at ASU happen to be higher than that minimum, and higher than some other schools in NC. So, your so-called facts are wrong. No, you are not trying to bend truths, you are just flat out making stuff up.

  22. Can you tell us who these partial qualifiers are? Back your “facts” up. I grew up a Tar Heel fan, got accepted at both UNC & ASU, but chose to go to App State. Plenty of people choose to go to App State. They are not going there as their only option. Sorry about that.

  23. Real life example of what “J” said:

    My son was accepted at UNC, USCar, ASU, Cornell, and ASU. He didn’t apply to NCSU, which was funny because he grew up a Wolfpack fan. He initially wanted to play football there, but the former staff was clearly not interested in academic achievement for it’s football players (I think Tom O’Brien will fix that). He had academic scholarships to Cornell and USCar (full ride), Elon and some other non-athletic scholarship 1-AA schools. He received only walk on invites from the 1-A schools because of his height – only 6’2″. Not many linemen under 6’3″ in 1-A.

    Not bragging here, just showing you a real life example of what “J” said – the type of kids ASU picks up that the 1-A schools don’t want.

  24. Oh, and by the way Rob, you don’t have the high standards or qualifications we require for being a fan, so stay away from our stadium!

  25. UNC may get better who knows, but only time will tell. I do know this ASU has a tradition in football, smething UNC does not have, nor will they anytime soon. Cracking the Top 25 in the AP is one thing staying there for a while is another. And UNC has proven they can not do it year over year. Every time UNC loses to Clemson and the like it just shows how far they have to go. UNC is not much better than last year. UNC only beat Furman by 3 points in their own stadium. So stop with the jealousy, because UNC did not beat Michigan, you are upset with ASU instead of saying hey we havve a good football team in theis area with a rich tradition. On another note WFU, DUKE, ECU and UNC will not schedule ASU. And it is not from ASU’s lack of trying, you UNC fans are getting old really quick and showing your true colors. But i guess that is par for the course.

  26. “ASU accepting partial and non qualifiers is not an opinion, it is fact.”—Rob

    Robbie, we’re still awaiting your presentation of these ‘facts’. Please show us your facts.

    I’m going to guess you did NOT attend that directional hyphenated school in Chapel Hill. You only think it’s ‘cool’ to be a fan of theirs.

  27. Sean Jackson for starters.

    Its good that App State helps these guys…..

    Moore said Jackson arrived as a partial qualifier because of a low SAT score, but because he is scheduled to graduate within four years, Jackson will have another season of eligibility next year.

    “He’s a good example of a kid who worked hard in the classroom and on the field to become a success,” Moore said.

  28. The truth has been revealed to you, Rob. It’s now up to you to refute the real facts, if you can. Of course, you can’t because you were just making it all up. Why not just let the ASU folks enjoy their well earned publicity? You only make yourself look petty by trying to take away from it and ignorant by trying to pass off as fact something you made up.

  29. Many schools, though not all, accept partial qualifiers. That is not an indication of their academic standards being lower. There are other schools in NC which do the same. Your original point is that ASU accepts kids who could not cut it academically elsewhere. You have yet to present any facts to support your position and have been confronted with facts which show just the opposite.

  30. You guys asked me to prove that ASU accepted partial qualifers…I did. The practice exists. Deal with it. Appalachian’s Student Athlete handbook would not have to address the issues of non-qualifer athletes and conference rules regarding these individuals if it was not an acceptable practice.

  31. Who is Sean Jackson??? By the way UNC and their so-called academically prestigious roster has 11 players who went to prep schools before being able to enroll at UNC. Prep schools are a joke.

  32. No, you were asked to back your claim that ASU has lower academic requirements. No one ever challenged your assertion that they accept partial qualifiers. You seem to wrongly equate the acceptance of partial qualifiers with lower academic admission standards. That is inaccurate.

  33. *****
    Bruce Said,
    “Can you tell us who these partial qualifiers are? Back your “facts” up.”

  34. If a partial, or a non qualifer can be accepted, per the rules, would it not be a correct assertion that entrance requirements are not as strict at that institution? I wasn’t lucky enough to attend an Ivey league school like yourself, but I’m pretty confident that my assessment is the correct one.

  35. No, it is not a correct assessment. A partial qualifier is, by definition, an exception to the regular admission requirements. They are, in essence, two separate things. Every school, including those in the Ivy League, make some exceptions for the admission of athletes. Even those that choose not to take partial qualifiers have some method by which they can get a borderline student into school.

  36. Ok so I do some research, apparently App is harder to get into than I first thought. My apologies…I’m an idiot

  37. Man, I can’t speak for everyone else on here but I am just so impressed with Rob and his unparalleled class. Everyone can stop arguing now because the one and only Rob has spoken and what he says goes.

    —Note to Rob—This comment was, in fact, sarcasm…You are a moron

  38. If you are going to impersonate me, please at least add my copyright to the end of my name. I kind off wondered when you hillbillies were going to have to resort to these lame tactics. At least you still have Miss Teen SC.

  39. Rob,
    I-AA football was established in 1978 for schools that did not have the financial resources to support 85 scholarships. (I-AA has 63) With Title IX in full swing, funding athletics became very expensive. As Appalachian was primarily a teachers college until the late 60’s (no med school, no law school) it didn’t have the large numbers of wealthy alumni to support I-A football. You should know that the Ivy league plays I-AA football, so your assertion that I-AA is for academic losers shows ignorance on your part.

    I saw your post that you looked into Appalachian’s entrance requirements and saw how tough it is to get in. That’s a huge part of the story…not only do we win, we win with the right kids. With the disaster – both on and off the field -that has been UNC football over the last few years, how you can rag on any other school is beyond me.

  40. I’m not sure what is funnier….that App State is the Harvard university of the South or that I have been such an arrogant jerk on here, that people actually assumed I was a Tar Heel. Go Neers!

  41. To the idiot who posted as “Rob” and “B” above. When posing as someone, at least don’t answer your posed question. Use an anonymizer. (not sarcasm)

    IP: (Chicago)

  42. Rob…
    “Beware the green-eyed monster.”

    Also, beware the improved ECU defense, who will deal your new Coach his first nasty set-back in Greenville, and the first of many to come.

  43. Rob, please stop this nonsense. You’ll have everybody thinking that all our fans are a bunch of tools…oh, wait a minute…THEY ARE!

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