Flair fibbing on air

On “Prime Time with the Pack Man,” Ric Flair was asked about a number of subjects, including the reports that he quit WWE.

The host said: “I heard you have now quit the WWE.” Flair said: “That is not true. What would WWE do without me?” He said he’s one of the few people left who can show up for work these days, but said he couldn’t comment about the suspensions. The hosts didn’t follow up with any questions to clarify whether or not he had a falling out with WWE or was upset with management to the point that he gave notice. Flair did say he’d have more to say about it when he is back on the radio show next week.

The host also asked Flair about his finance company and whether that report was true. Flair said it was. Flair has opened “Flair Finance”, a company that helps you with your money. They hold it for you and when you want it, chances are, you can’t get it back.

Wade Keller of the PWTorch says Flair quit, but Ric wasn’t going to trash the WWE on Mark Packer’s show.
*****go to www.pwtorch.com for any updates*****It appears to us at Greensborosports.com that Ric Flair is trying to ride both sides of the fence and that Flair would make a strong run for political office as a Republican.

Here’s a sample of what they are saying at www.ricflairfinance.com:

Tired of getting the runaround and turndown from all the big lenders?

Now with Ric Flair Finance we will do all the work for you.

Just complete a simple application and in seconds
Ric Flair Finance will connect you to a lender who is right for your financial situation.

“We Compete, so you don’t have to”

“Forget the rest. Just work with the best! Wooooo”

3 thoughts on “Flair fibbing on air

  1. Hey Big C, did you guys notice that Monday night when they called out all of the wrestlers from RAW, ECW, and Smackdown that Flair was nowhere in sight? I did not see him at all on Monday.

  2. Good observations Bill and big c. I didn’t see Flair or King Booker out there on Monday night at Raw when they had all of the wrestlers in the ring to announce Vince’s son.

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