State-wide College football Top 10

Here’s week number two of our poll and we have received confirmation that all of the Appalachian State football players have qualified academically and are eligible for post-season honors.

The Poll:
#1)Appalachian State(2-0) Last week #1..The Mountaineers are the best college team in the Carolinas and they would beat Clemson and Steve’s Gamecocks.
#2)East Carolina(1-1) Last week #4..The Pirates found out the new Pinkney may be better than the old one, James Pinkney.
#3)North Carolina(1-1) Last week #3..The Heels lost to a lesser-known down East team, but now ECU rules Eastern North Carolina football again, but they can not beat Appalachian.
#4)Guilford College(2-0) Last week #6..The Quakers may have the best chance at beating the Neers. Guilford’s Josh Vogelbach could well be the top passing QB in the state. Much better than Jake Delhomme or David Carr.
#5)Catawba(3-0) Last week NR..The Indians won the Salisbury Mayor’s Cup game Saturday defeating Livingstone 46-7. Isn’t that special, you have to believe the Indians are on the war-path again.
#6)Wingate(3-0) Last week NR..The Bulldogs squeezed out a 33-30 victory over Davidson last week and now travel to UNC-Pembroke this Saturday.
#7)UNC-Pembroke(1-1) Last week NR..The Braves held off Greensboro College 26-20 in front of over 4,000 fans and now they meet Wingate at the Lumbee Field this week.
#8)Wake Forest(0-2) Last week #2..WFU is the best 0-2 team in the country. Any arguments? Just look at how hard they played in the first 2 games. At this stage of the season, Kenneth Moore is the ACC Player-of-the-Year, maybe the best in the enitre nation.
#9)N.C. State(0-2) Last week #5..The Pack is fading fast but with Wofford coming to town there may be hope on the way. Bring on the Terriers.
#10)TIE Elon and Greensboro CollegePride(0-1) and the Phoenix are (1-1). Greensboro was #8 Last week and Elon was tied for #6. With the new teams coming in Elon had to drop and we need to keep Greensboro College in the poll as long as we can with the name, GREENSBORO.
Dropping out:Duke, Winston-Salem State, and NC A&T..others receiving votes:@@@@@UNCG and GTCC where the combines start October 8@@@@@

22 thoughts on “State-wide College football Top 10

  1. Appalachian would get blown away by South Carolina and Clemson. I also feel that ECU would defeat ASU. ECU plays a much tougher schedule and did any of your pollsters see the Oregon-Michigan score? Michigan got destroyed. Before we annoint the ASU Mountaineers as the top team in the Carolinas let’s be sure we look at the real story. Appalachain is just a I-AA football team that plays one or two big name teams every few years.

    Did Appalachian really beat a decent I-A powerhouse? No, the Wolverines have LOST TWICE, back-to-back at home in the Big House. Everybody can keep on talking about ASU and how they are everybody’s number one team but in reality, there’s a good chance they won’t win the Southern Conference if Edwards doesn’t get healthy.

    ASU would have never had a chance against Michigan with Trey Elder in there at QB. ASU got the win but they lost their top QB Armanti Edwards. ASU can’t beat ECU, North Carolina, South Carolina, or Clemson and they will not win the Southern Conference without Edwards. Lenoir Rhyne would have trouble beating Charlotte Independence. Fred Goldsmith should have stayed at his Ski Lodge up near Smokey Mountain HS.

    Furman will give ASU fits and don’t forget about Wofford, after Wofford upsets NC State, they’ll be coming after Appalachain next.

  2. Well said Ross, we have 3 kids from Greensboro down here in Chapel Hill. Martel Thatch and Kennedy Tinsley from Dudley and Josh Stewart from Grimsley. Thatch is SR linebacker #21, Tinsley a Soph. LB #36, and Stewart a Fresh. DB #7. Keep an eye on these kids and watch out for the Heels and our new fearless leader Butch Davis. Heels beat Apps any day of the week.

    Monte(A true blue Tar Heel Fan)

  3. I cannot type because I am laughing so hard about Kenneth Moore being the best player in the country—The ACC is like the JV team compared to the SEC—Moore would last about 2 weeks in the SEC—VT is the best the ACC has and look what LSU did to them Saturday—The SEC is real Football.

  4. LSU didn’t want any part of Appalachian after the last time the Moutaineers nearly ran the Bayou Tigers right out of Baton Rouge. No team in the country wants to face Appalachian State at this time. ASU is the best team in the Carolinas. See above article and you will know that the Old Bull Coach wants no part of Jerry Moore or Kenny Moore and Clemson is crying no Mountaineers on our sod please. If the SEC knows what’s good for them they won’t be making any calls to BOONE.

  5. Monte, thanks for helping us to get the word out that Tar Heel Nation is coming together. We can still win the Big Four title. Screw ECU, I never liked those jackasses any way. Greenville, NC is one sorry excuse for a town. The fans down there acted like a bunch of backwoods low-lifes.

  6. I wonder what Rob Goodman has to say about our Heels this week. Today is Charles Kuralt’s birthday and as Charlie(CK) used to say, “We all like calling Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Home”.

  7. Guilford College might be the only clean program in your poll. We do things the legal and right way at Guilford. We are not like some of the crooked schools from the SEC or Clemson or South Carolina. Guilford does it right and we don’t have to cheat to achieve. Visit Guilford and you won’t be talking about those other colleges.

  8. Ok, I just came across this and don’t know how you work this ‘Poll’ but all I can say is WHAT? First, how can UNCG even be getting votes when they don’t have an AMERICAN football team? Yes, they are good a futbol (SOCCER) but they don’t have a football team. Second, There is no question that App State is the best football team in the Carolinas right now. ECU is a very close second but I believe that App State has more talent and a better coach that ECU at this point. App beating Michigan wasn’t a fluke, App is building their program to move to I-A, FBS, whatever the NCAA wants to call it and they’ll win there. An this may shock you posters/readers…I’m not an App fan…I’m an Elon grad and I’m looking forward to the end of the month for that match-up and for the App/Wofford game in two weeks. Wofford will give State all kinds of problems Saturday and will probably close the deal that they weren’t able to last year against Southy. All i can say is thank the good lord it’s football season again!!

  9. UNCG has a darn good Club Football team and if I can find a few more odd jobs over there I ‘d like to work my way in for a tryout. This is, we have to find a way to get our Greensboro teams recognition any way we can. NC A&T has let us down but we are trying like crazy to find a way to get the Aggies back in the poll. Cub Scout troop 174 also wants in but they are on a two-year suspension for stealing game tape from Pleasant Garden troop 201.

    Elon has a hot-shot QB in freshman Scott Riddle out of Eastern Randoph who has stepped in and stepped up for the kid from Ragsdale(Wes Pope) that had to leave the program.

  10. Those boys at UNCG are so sweet. They aren’t very good at football. They are however excellent at taking it to the CORNHOLE! Hee! Hee! Hee!

  11. Appalachian will focus on Northern Arizona this week and the Mountaineers know they can beat Elon. Elon shouldn’t be on the same field with ASU and as for Wofford, they have a great chance to beat NC STATE this weekend with Mike Rucker at runningback the Terriers will run it right at the Wolfpack.

    The Southern Conference is a great conference and if UNCG gets football we will beat them at that too. Elon, Furman, Wofford, UTC, UNCG, Appalachian will take care of them all and will make it 3 straight National Championships.

    Remember what I told you people, FEAR the NEERS.

  12. I’m hearing that Wofford’s gonna beat NC State on Saturday and you may be on to something, Guilford may be set to make Tom O’Brien, Tom O’Cryin’ and have all of the Wolfpack fans in tizzy. If NC State gets beat by Wofford then it’s over for 2007.

    The Pack fans have been very quiet in the past two weeks.

  13. Where did all my Appalachian buddies go? The Heels would run you boys into the ground. The Mountaineers are all a bunch of goof-ball inbreds that live in the same cave. Nothing good ever came out of those hills, Fear the Heels.

    FYI:App will get the crap beat out of them this weekend. All the laughter will die in sorrow when Northern Arizona comes to Goone. It’s over APP.

    Fear Rameses and Fear the Heels.(Pay close attention State, Wake, and Duke; you all will be starting your football programs over when UNC is finished with you )

    Fear the Heels

  14. Willy Korn is a freshman QB out of Lyman, Sout Carolina. Korn was rated the #5 QB in the nation by Prep Star and as high school senior at James F. Bymes HS.

    Korn is 6-8 in passing for 49 yards and has carried the ball 8 times for 20 yards and 1 touchdown. He has only played in one game. I hope that was some help to you.

    I agree with all the other fans, North Carolina will beat South Carolina in football in Chapel Hill just like we have been beating Clemson in basketball for over 100 years in Chapel Hill. South Carolina and Clemson don’t stand a chance against the Heels.

  15. Carolina will destory the Heels. The Gamecocks will roll and Steve will take a photo in front of the scoreboard. Just like last time.

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