We have a new KING on the Throne:Rob takes week one crown

We have the results of Week One of our Golden Corral Football picks contest. Rob has taken over the throne by barely knocking off Big Jim Modlin and now it will be up to the others to take the title from Rob. Contestants can only win once per season but the weekly winners will, we hope, continue to participate so we can see who is on the thone each week and carries the crown.

Big Jim Modlin will continue on each week as our celebrity player but this week the throne belongs to King Robert and it will be up to the other players to knock him of his mighty perch.

This week’s results if our panel is correct in their tabulations:
Rob(11-2) Johnny(10-3), Big Jim(10-3), Chuck(9-4), Bruce(8-5), Cecil(8-5), Chan(8-5), Mark(8-5), Todd(8-5), Marshall(7-6), Stan(7-6), Roch(6-7), Calvin(5-8), Rick(5-8)

You all need to form a posse to knock Rob off of his Throne. He is now King Robert and it will be up to the other players to band together and knock his butt off of that throne.

The Dallas/N.Y. Giants game was the barn-burner of the day when it came to the over-all points. What was that score 45-35? Eighty points? That’s crazy and do you think the Carolina Panthers are going to do some things or were they just playing a weak opening-week opponent? The ‘Skins looked puny other than Randle El.

Tony Romo for top performance of the week? He had a part in 5 TD’s. Or was it Randy Moss for the Patriots or Big Ben and his four big touchdown passes for the Steelers or the 175 yards rushing for Chris Brown of Tennessee? It looks like the Sunday night lineup on NBC is going to be very strong in 2007, is it the Chargers and New England next week? That’s the call here at Greensborosports.com.

Your mission if you choose to accept it, is to knock King Robert off of his mighty perch.

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  1. I would like to thank all the insignificant people who are normally forgotten during earth shattering events like this…

    My Friend with the Chinese sounding name
    Eric Cartman
    The Traveloicty Garden Gnome
    and most importantly…

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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