Sandman gone, Booker T may be on the way out, and Barry Cohen to represent Hogan family has a report that The Sandman has been released by WWE effective Tuesday. Sandman was on Monday night’s Raw in a match against Santino Marella and in the final segment of the show with the announcement of Vince McMahon’s son.

Sandman was a part of the ECW brand re-launch in June 2006 before moving to Raw in the Draft Lottery this past June.

Wade Keller reports that Ric Flair will still be gone from the WWE so he can come home to Charlotte and get that finance company up and off the ground. Flair Finance will use the motto that they have failed every way in the book and they will help you to not make the same financial mistakes that Ric Flair has made. They’ll help you avoid the pitfalls of the “Nature Boy” and charge you a fee for their services.

Booker T is on a 30-60 suspension and Keller says that Robert “Booker T” Tio Huffman will probably walk away from the WWE and go home to Dallas to run his wrestling school. Booker T’s wife Sharmell is just about finished with Law School and that should help them financially once she gets rolling. King Booker has had trouble in the past in the WWE with smoking strong tobacco or some form of a wacky weed.

The Tampa Bay Fox news station reports that the Hogan family has hired a high-profile criminal defense attorney, Barry Cohen. Cohen will represent Hulk Hogan’s 17 year old son, Nick, in legal fallout from Nick’s high-speeding driving and the consequences which have left his friend John Graziano fighting for his life in a coma since the crash.*****I hope for the Hogan(Bollea) family’s sake that this isn’t the same Barry Cohen that used to run Southern States Wrestling out at Plato’s Crash Landing near the airport.*****

Some of the Bear’s talents included “Cowboy” Chris Star, “Bam Bam” Coalson, “Mean” Mark Vance, The Libiyan Assassin(now “Boogie Woogie” Rob McBride), “Soulman” Ken Stainback, and the ever-popular “Diamond Dan” Grondy.
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  1. lol, this should wreck the friendship between the families. have some nerve spending so much money hiring someone to try n get thier criminal son off the hook.. hogan has lost his faith in america. hiring a jewish attorney, no cohen could ever forget the attack hogan did on our goldberg…

    goldbergggg goldbergggg goldbergggg

  2. Great to see on the ball and giving us this info for free, and not making us pay for it like some other “news” websites. Keep it coming, Andy!

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