What happened to Cindy Farmer?

NotJimMelvin said he enjoyed the updates on Dan Patrick and Rick Pizzo, but he wondered what happened to Cindy Farmer of FOX 8? Here’s what I gathered from the FOX 8 blog with Cindy Farmer addressing her current situation.

Hi Everyone! I am still recovering from my surgery and a couple of set backs and one of those “it happens to less than one percent of the people” things! But I miss you and all of my FOX 8 Family. I am doing my best to relax and recover, but when you are as hyper as I am it is hard. If I have learned anything about this journey, its that you MUST listen to your doctor’s instructions. When he says don’t over do it… don’t! I learned that the hard way.!!! I have been so touched by your emails, calls, cards and letters. I am doing my best to answer each of you. It is taking some time because my right hand is numb right now… but we’re working on that. So be patient and I’ll get to your email!!! You are the BEST FRIENDS EVER!!! My family has been great. Even Daisy the Dog, has been very careful around me during my recovery. Its like she can sense my wounds.. and wants to be gentle. Its funny.. because she is so big and a bit clumsy! My girls, Kylie and Abby make great nurses and are now the “Recovery Police” making sure I don’t lift to much or go without resting. I am here in the morning getting them ready for school and they are loving it!! For a few more mornings anyway! And of course it frees up my husband to run and get in shape before I head back to being with YOU.. which I am looking forward to. I am checking in more frequently now, so please respond if you want to. Just know I do appreciate you.. your well wishes and prayers. They have kept me going.. and going.. and going!!!! See you soon!

8 thoughts on “What happened to Cindy Farmer?

  1. Yes, Cindy, we MISS YOU! Don’t stress yourself too much. We want you back all in one piece. I’m sure Brad, Emily, Britt, and Mike are missing you, too. Take care!

  2. Cindy,I’ve watched you for years. You are great.I just found out you had surgery. I don’t know what kind,but I hope you recover soon. Love ya!xoxoxo

  3. I really miss seeing your smile cindy, and i was wondering about you alot, glad to hear that you are doing well can’t wait to see you again on fox, i love getting up in the morning to watch the news because your presence is so felt, so good luck rest well so you will have the strength to receive the big welcome back from fox
    Blessing to you and your family

  4. Miss Farmer,

    I noticed that you were not on and I found myself not staying tuned long enough to know what had happened with you. Not that I don’t enjoy the other anchors – They are great too!!- they just aren’t you. I’m glad that your absence isn’t permanent. God’s blessings to you and yours.

  5. Hello Cindy
    I’m one of yours fans, I’m in Africa and used to live in greensboro.
    I find the news through the internet.
    I hope you do better and go back
    good luck

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