High School football Saturday morning Rewind

The Grimsley Whirlies almost let one get away on Friday night at Jamieson Stadium. The Whirlies put the ball on the ground 4 times and lost the fumbles in every situation and QB Zach Maynard had one of his key passes picked off late in the game with the outcome on the line.

Grimsley received excellent early results from Soph. RB/DB/KR man Keenan Allen but the kid got kicked out of the game for over-celebrating after he took a pass from brother Zach to the house from 32 yards out in the first quarter. Allen took the opening kickoff of the game all the way back for a TD and it looked like the route was going to be on, but that was not the case. Allen put on a show and the officials showed him the way out for the rest of the game.

Grimsley will have to tighten up the reins if they want to keep their 26 game regular-season winning streak in tact. Jamarl Rease led the Whirlie defense but the defensive backfield got rocked by Winston-Salem Reynolds quaterback Jeremy Peterson most of the second half with big plays going to the Demons’ wide receiver William Miller.

Grimsley has to find discipline in their game and they will need a hard week of practice to get ready for High Point Central and the Black Bison’s slick QB Ricky Mitchell coming up next at HPC’s Simeon Stadium. Turnovers and penalties can kill you and Grimsley has to cut down on both of those.

The Whirlies win it 33-26 and avoid going into overtime for the second time this year with the game-winning drive coming with about a minute and a half left in the game and Zach Maynard hooking up with James Scales III, then Maynard had a strong run to get the ball inside the 5 yard line, and then senior RB David Moore took the ball in from 1 yard out for the touchdown and kicker Stefan Shepherd’s PAT gave the Whirlies the victory.

We went 9-1 on our picks of last night’s games and Northeast got the job done with freshman Maurice Harris at QB for the injured Kendall Bratcher and Tyler Woods did just about what we said with 245 yards and 5 TD’s on 32 carries and NEG takes care of Southern Alamance 49-21. Eastern Guilford smoked the Southwest Guilford Cowboys 41-21 and Paul Lambeth will have the full inside on that one later today. It sounds like Gerrod Herbin is becoming the man for EG.

Dudley left no doubts as they rolled over Bartlett Yancey in the Panthers homecoming, 56-0 was the final. You need to read Robert Bell’s breakdown in today’s News and Record or at www.news-record.com and it will blow your mind. The 56-0 was so much of a whipping but it could have been a lot worse. They shortened the 4th quarter to just 8 minutes from the normal 12 minute period and let the clock run non-stop. I wonder what it might have been? 84-0….

The Eastern Randolph Wildcats put up a fight but the right team won as Ragsdale left Ramseur with a 16-7 win on Friday night. Sean Cathey led the Tigers with 95 yards rushing and a touchdown and Ladarious Canty scored for RHS on a long 63 yard run. The Page Pirates had 176 yards passing and four TD tosses from their junior QB Will Newman but it wasn’t enough as the Davie County War Eagles pulled out a 42-35 victory over Coach Kevin Gillespie’s kids. Newman is one of the best in the business but he faced an equally tough QB in DC’s Garrett Benge. Benge is considered one of the top QB’s in the state and the War Eagles also got some big plays from Cooter Arnold’s brother, Santana Arnold.

In other area games Southeast Guilford had Nick Bell run for 181 to lead the Falcons over Trinity 31-15. Brian Webb ran a kickoff back 89 yards for a SEG TD. North Forsyth sent Smith closer to that 0-11 with a 34-0 win over Ben. That’s the Ben L. Smith Golden Eagles. Western Guilford enjoyed it’s trip up to Eden coming home to Greensboro with a 38-22 victory over Morehead, and Reidsville rolled over High Point Andrews 35-12. The RHS Rams led 22-0 at the half.

After last night’s games we have Grimsley 6-0(defeated an 0-6 team in WS Reynolds) Dudley 6-1, Northeast Guilford 5-1, Ragsdale 5-2, Southeast Guilford 4-2, Eastern Guilford 4-2, Western Guilford 4-3, Page 2-4, Southwest Guilford 2-4, High Point Andrews 1-4, and Smith 0-6 among our teams that played last night. Next week Western Alamance 7-0 at NEG 5-1 and Grimsley at HPC are among the headliners.

19 thoughts on “High School football Saturday morning Rewind

  1. Will Newman played lights out last night, Davie County’s offense was just as explosive though. Garrett Benge played very good as well.

    The Grimsley score surprised me alot. I had them winning 28-10. Is the secondary just that bad? I dont remember RJR putting up numbers like that against anyone this year so far.

    This is setting up to be a very good game, if Will Newman can exploit the Grimsley secondary it will be a game, the Page D is strong all around, with the fumble and penalty problems, the game really is a toss up.

  2. I agree! Will Newman is the bomb! He isn’t ranked as high in the state due to him missing one and a half games, but his numbers are impressive for 4.5 games with 850 passing yards to a team without any true receivers.

  3. Is the Newman guy # 11? He is good! He out played the #2 QB in the state. 4 touchdowns, 180 yard, and 60 + on the ground. Look out!

  4. Wow, a 52 yard field goal attempt resulting in a TD for the other team and then at the beginning of the second half a bumbled, apparently new trick play that results in a fumble and another TD for the other team. Page deseves to lose! They had there chances to have better coaches but they allowed cretain parents too much involvement and lost the coach they needed. How is Grimsley doing? Is Coach G ready for this 4A football? I wonder! That junk doesn’t work in 4A. Who attempts a 52 yard field goal even with Matt in HS. They also don’t deserve Will Newman and the other talented football players or is it a coaching problem? The talent is there!

  5. Many great games this Friday. The Davie/Page lived up to the show. What happen to the whirlies? RJ Reynolds and 300 yards passing, SAY WHAT?

  6. Bob, Coach Gillespie is ready for 4A football, we went 5-1 in the Metro last year. Also, a lot of 4A football teams attempt 45-50+ yard field goals. apparently you haven’t seen or know much about high school football in NC.

    You need to grow up buddy, why would you say Page doesn’t deserve Will Newman and the other talented football players? There isn’t a coaching problem at Page, its called playing a tough non-conference schedule.

    Yes, the talent is there, but when you start 6-7 sophomores on Defense and have 4 Jrs. and 1 sophomore on the Offensive line, with a Jr. QB.. you aren’t going to win all your games, especially early in the season. Page is clicking now on both sides of the ball, now that the youngsters have some valuable non conference experience. Just wait till next year..

    Please know what you’re talking about before you make yourself look stupid. Thanks

  7. wow the grimsley secondary was exploited. We have to get that straitend out. I am at a loss for words. RJ Reyonlds r u serious. Oh well a win is a win.

  8. We do need some work in the secondary. However, I am more concerned about the overall discipline on the team. The ejection of Keenan Allen ( who took the opening kickoff back for a TD) early in the game after his second TD did not help the Whirlie cause. Also penalties continue to be a problem. We need to focus on the basics such as ball control ( four fumlbes vs RJR). Still the team played some solid teams in the non conference schedule and came out undefeated. Page is looking like it will be more of a challenge, especially with the air attack. It will definitely be a great game. But right now the focus should be on the High Point Central Bison.

  9. Great games thie week. Page and Grimsley have work to do. Grimsley with discipline and Page with penalities and taking care of the small details. The conference play should get interesting from this point on.

  10. Someone is trying to make trouble here, and we want no part of it. Neither Bob nor I posted here as “Bob” and do not know who wrote that ridiculous post or for what purpose. “Why?”, you’d better find out and know who it is you’re dealing with and please…YOU let it go.

    We have moved on and are a part of a wonderful, supportive environment at Northeast. We wish Page, Grimsley and every other team to make the best of their season. Coaches know it’s not always about winning, it’s about teaching young men the game of football, instilling discipline, believing in themselves and their teammates, and becoming a better person for it. I’m thankful my husband has had the opportunity to be a football coach and touch so many lives in that way!

  11. Bob and Mary Via are good friends of mine and they are great people. If you want to start trashing them it’s time for you to get the heck out of here. They both have an excellet attitude after all that has gone on over the years and their main objective is to help young poeple and we need more Bob and Mary Vias. The times when Bob was at Page are history now and we want to see Page, Northeast Guilford, and all of our schools succeed.

    I don’t have all the answers but I know what I am saying within this comment box is fact. It’s not all about football, much of what we are dealing with is about life

  12. the davie/paige game was as good game. i was impressed with will newman as well with the d line.they kept benge running but it bit them one time.while he isnt as fast as newman he also has whells when he goes north south.davies o-line been in big trouble all year and now another starter down,thats why benge’s numbers not where they were the past two years.paige is a very good ball team and they kept their head up after every score with the attitude they can get it done too.good luck to paige rest of the season,and if your in their conference look out

  13. I agree with Mary and Andy. Bob and Mary are great and were great for PAGE. We wish them well. This is aboout the kids, not the coaches.

  14. Hello, I am Bob and I would like to clear up a few things. First, I have never coached at anyplace,especially Page. I am a 99 graduate of Page. I am certainly not Bob Via and I know those guys and they are great. I wish them the best. They have moved on and are doing well.

  15. Thanks to the “real Bob” for standing up and for your kind words of support.

    We love Northeast football and the challenges we face in the tougher conference we play in now, but I kinda miss being a part of the whole Page/Grimsley rivalry. I had witnessed every Page/Grimsley game since 1986, and now I only get to read about it the next day. Good luck to both teams and keep it clean!

    Hopefully our Rams will knock off Western Alamance this week…it should be a great game!

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