Triple H wins WWE title then Randy Orton takes it away at No Mercy

Randy Orton received the vacated WWE title from Vince McMahon on Sunday evening at the beginning of the No Mercy pay-per-view and later lost the belt to Triple H, but later won it back again in the Last Man Standing match.

John Cena was forced to give up the championship after he suffered a severe injury last Monday on Raw.(Cena may be out up to a year) Mr. McMahon gave the belt to Orton as the show began and Triple H challenged Randy for the right to claim the title. Orton wanted no part of Hunter but McMahon finally said do it and Triple H won the belt.

Triple H faced Umaga during the regular portion of the program and then a rematch was set up with Hunter facing RKO in the featured main event, the Last Man Standing Match.

Orton was victorious over Triple H and now Randy is the new champion and the big question now is how long will RKO keep the belt around his waist?

Wade Keller at www.pwtorch called it a ****1/2 star match and they may let Triple H and RKO go at it for a few weeks with Mr. Kennedy and several other challengers getting involved.(The fans were calling for Y2J(Chris Jericho) throughout the evening.

One thought on “Triple H wins WWE title then Randy Orton takes it away at No Mercy

  1. Glad to see Orton win. I know it’s just a matter of time before HHH wins it, but the longer we wait, the better.

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