Delhomme lost for season

Carolina Panthers Quarterback Jake Delhomme will have season ending surgery on his injured right elbow and will be placed on the IR, John Fox announced Monday. After rehabbing the injury for two weeks, Delhomme tried to throw on Monday and still experienced pain and discomfort. The injury occurred in the third quarter of the Panthers September 23 game against Atlanta.

The announcement about Delhomme’s status raises more questions for the 3-2 Panthers. Carolina looked shaky at best in their 16-13 win over New Orleans yesterday. The question now is whether or not the Panthers’ offense can get it together and find some consistency with David Carr under center. So far this year, Carr’s performance has been underwhelming to say the least.

Five games into the season, the Panthers find themselves tied with Tampa Bay for first place in the NFC South. Winning this weak division (and making the playoffs) is a real possibility but Carolina will need its offense to show up in order for this to happen.

2 thoughts on “Delhomme lost for season

  1. A lot of Panther fans have been Mitching and Boaning about Jake, think he was the problem with the offense the last couple of years.

    be careful what you wish for………..

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