How do we rank the NFL’s top teams?

How do you line up the NFL’s top teams after the first five weeks? Are the Patriots going to go undefeated? Is New England that much better than Indianapolis?

Is it a lock that they stack up like this?
1)New England(5-0)
4)Green Bay(4-1)

Is the AFC that much better than the NFC?

We are hearing it, people are starting to say, “HOW ‘BOUT THEM COWBOYS?”

4 thoughts on “How do we rank the NFL’s top teams?

  1. Did any of you see the finish to the Dallas-Buffalo game on Monday night? Dallas is just flat out lucky but they are undefarted. I was reading what Doug and Jamos were saying in an earlier post and wondered who the Carolina Panthers might get to back up David Carr. The Panthers can win their division but they need some insurance at quarterback. I don’t think Matt Moore is the long or short term answer. Who is available and will the Panthers make a move? I’ve been hearing that Drew Bledsoe is still around he could step in help out till next year when the Panthers can change it up through the draft or by off season trades.

    Don’t get me wrong Dallas is good but I never thought Wade Phillips was much of a head coach. Maybe things are differennt now.

  2. I like the way the Giants have beem playing and Tom Coughlin is a very tough and demanding coach. I don’t how in the world Tony Romo and the Cowboys pulled that game out on Monday night. Romo is getting all the attention but that Dallas RB Marion Barber, I think his name is, he is really a hard-nosed runningback.

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