Thoughts on the upcoming Grimsley-Page/Page-Grimsley game

Let’s start today and begin to set the stage for the BIG Page-Grimsley football game coming up this Friday at Jamieson Stadium on the Grimsley campus. I believe this will actually be Page’s home game in the rotating Away/Away series for the Pirates.

We begin to break this on down with a few key questions:
#1)Guess the Attendance? I’ll say 11,247…

#2)Predict the Score? I’ll take the away team at home by a score of 28-17 Grimsley…

#3)Who will put up bigger numbers, Zach Maynard(Grimsley QB) or Will Newman(Page QB)? I say Newman will put up more passing numbers but they will be “come from behind numbers” and that Maynard will have a better overall supporting cast in his Whirlie backfield…

#4)What will be the X Factor? The Weather, it has been 90 degrees plus all week and they are calling for temps in the high 60’s to low 70’s on Friday and with a chance of rain and for temps to hit in the high 40’s on Friday night during the game…

#5)Who will be the player of the game? This is by far the toughest one of all, but I’ll go with Jamaral Rease of Grimsley, if he has a big game with support from James Hinson Jr.(playing under control) and Jack Shultz the Whirlies should make it 4 or is it 5 in a row vs. Page and prevent a Pirate upset…(Senior David Moore for Grimsley could be a huge steadying influence since he already has three wins under his belt against Page)

The last Page win I remember was when FG kicker Donald Moore booted one through for a 10-7 Pirate victory and he had to kick it twice(the first one was good) because of a penalty and Moore just graduated from UNCG and he was there four years so this ought to make it 5 wins in a row if Grimsley pulls it off.

*****Let’s hear from you and get some early returns on this BIG game*****

(In a football footnote, I was at the Page Pirates practice on Wednesday afternoon and the Pirates are working hard. I think it would be pretty easy just to stand back and watch quarterback Will Newman throw the ball all day long, the kid is that smooth. Corey King is a go-to receiver and Erik Barnard is a big-play pass catcher.

DJ McNeil looked to be playing more defense with Calvin Stout and Dequay Thigpen surrounding him in the defensive backfield. Veteran defensive lineman Lofi Leasiologi seemed to have a slight injury and I hope he is full-strength come Friday night.

There was a small back Damien Preston getting some carries and I found an X Factor in tall and lean #99 Gabriel King. King can contribute on both offense and defense and he looks like a 15-year old Julius Peppers. Looks like, doesn’t play like him yet. QB Will Newman can pass all day and all night long and he just might do that if he gets a chance on Friday.)
+++++The Aycock Middle School Lions were leading Jackson Middle 20-0 at the half in Marion Kirby Stadium.+++++


  1. The score won’t be that close. They haven’t seen a pass rusher like jamal rease this year.

  2. Attenadance: 12,000, Score GHS GHS 31 Page 21, Newman will probably have better passing stats but Maynard will rush for atleast one or two scores, THe X factor is turnovers, Grimsley can’t fumble like they have been doin, POG goes to Keenan Allen if he can stay in the game. Very excited, coming up from Wilmington to see the game. GO WHIRLIES!

  3. This will be the 4th year in a row, if they win. If Page does win on Friday, it will not be an upset. We expect to beat Grimsley every year. Just like they expect to beat us.

  4. attendance 12,500 -newman better numbers(but maynard will put up big ones too)- X-factor grimsley secondary and pages run defense-POG zach maynard- i agree with you on the score andy

  5. Ragsdale has played both. Grimsley wins it 35-14. Grimsely’s ball control will keep the Page offense and Newman off the field most of the game. Page scores early and late. Grimsely scores all their points in between.

  6. You guys have to remember, Grimsley was supposed to easily handle Page last year and score 40+ points. That did not happen. It was 10-7 Page winning going into the 4th quarter. I think the Grimsley O was better last year.. with Morris, Shoffner, and Stewart. It took the 4th quarter heroics of Lionel Shoffner to score 2 TD’s.

    #1. Attendance: 12,821
    #3. Will Newman will put up bigger numbers.
    #4. The X factor will be turnovers for Grimsley, and the Page run D. Also, penalties will be big in this game.
    #5. PoG goes to WR Corey King of Page. Will and Corey have some chemistry going on, with 5 of Will’s 10 TD throws this season going to Corey. Look for him to have a big game against the Grimsley secondary.
    #2. Page 28, Grimsley 21

  7. Btw, Andy.. do you think there would be anyway you could video tape the game on friday.. and include the crowds and what not? To show people how big this rivalry actually is. Plus it would be pretty cool to watch the game again on Saturday morning. Just a suggestion.

  8. I’ve got to run it by our web master Don Moore. I know we are already scheduled to be at a Soccer game next Tuesday so Don who runs the camera will have to make that call. We will have a LIVE radio broadcast beginning with the pre-game show at 7pm, 30 minutes prior to kickoff with coaches comments and all the info on the Big game.

    One year, back in 1999, I think it was, we re-broadcast the Radio version of Page- Grimsley on the following Wednesday and I called it the Wednesday Rewind. That was the year(’99) that Grimsley beat Page for the 1st time(regular season) in something like 25 years.

  9. IT was ’99,my freshman year(class of ’03), and taping the game would be a great idea for the site.

  10. Andy, if Grimsley wins Fri. I think this would be only be the fouth year in a row . D. moore hit the game winner my senior year( and his)( fall of ’02 ) after kicking it twice in the final seconds. the final was 24-21. a tough loss. And, I believe we lost in 2003 (couldn’t find score), and then won the previous years, 23-22, 41-14, and last year 21-10.

  11. The years and scores are starting to run together but we are getting there. I also remember the year Gavin Segall-Abrams had to kick it twice because of another penalty situation and I believe he missed the first one but hit the second and the second kick may well have been from a longer distance and that would have been the 23-22 game. The field goal came with very little time left in the game and Page had seen Reme Alston have a huge night in the kickoff return department.

    Thanks for the info and we will try to get our cameraman Don Moore out to the game on Friday night and have him get some video.

    Spread the word to the opposite camps and let’s try to get some comments from the coaches or players and see what they are thinking and saying. I spoke briefly with long-time Whirlie AD Bob Sawyer on Wednesday and he is stoked and I will be at the Page-Grimsley JV game tonight. I also saw Page AD Rusty Lee and was wearing a red Gardner Webb coaching staff shirt?

    I understand there is a big bonfire set for this evening on the Grimsley campus and they may need it with the cool temps.

    From what I learned today former Page LB Mike Sheley is still in town and maybe he will be at the game with his pop Doug Sheley.

  12. Page and Grimsley always have big bonfires on the night before the game (after the JV game). Also Rusty Lee’s daughter goes to Gardner Webb, so thats probably why he has on of those shirts on.

  13. Attendence: 8, 400
    Score: Grimsley 27-10
    Maynard will have bigger numbers, Newman will struggle all night against what will be a fired up whirlie defense.
    The x-factor is penalties, last year Grimsley had 75yds worth in the first half, do that this time around and Grimsley will again struggle. But I think that will not be a problem this time around as Grimsley is staring history in the face and I dont look for the Whirlies to blink.

  14. I like the Page Pirates 28-27 with a blocked kick and 5,000 screaming Page fans and 4,500 Grimsley fans, total of 9,500 and Calvin Stout is the player of the game with his blocked kick to win it for the Pirates. Page wins in all categories.

  15. The Grimsley JV looked very lackluster. What was the final, i left alittle early when it was 40-18 Page winning

  16. This should be a very interesting game and I am glad to see that this match-up of intra-city rivals is once again the talk of the town. It seems that Dudley-Smith was big for a couple of years but this has always been the “big one”. I think Grimsley will win but after seeing Paul pick Grimsley, I think Page might have a punchers chance. Anyway, good luck to both teams, avoid injuries and fans….bring warm clothes and your radio to catch all the action with’s own AD on 950AM.

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