Bill O’Callohan says Brock Lesnar to UFC/Lex Luger update

From our old friend Bill O’Callohan, he used to be a wrtiter for the Pittsburgh papers and the Pennsylvania State News. Bill says check out the Pro Wrestling Torch at and we did and here is what BOC was talking about. BOC has been covering the ring shots for many years.

Randy Couture is gone from the UFC but guess what?(now light the Torch)

Former WWE champion and headliner Brock Lesnar announced on UFC’s PPV that he has signed with the UFC. Joe Rogan interviewed Lesnar at ringside after the third fight, calling him “one of the most exciting acquisitions for UFC.” He mispronounced his name at first, confused with Brock Larson, another MMA fighter.

Lesnar said, “I finally made the big-time, baby.” Lesnar said with his amateur roots, he always loved this sport and he’s so excited to now be part of it. He said he’s “on the big battleship, USS UFC” and he’s “ready for a fight.” He said after 18 years as an amateur wrestler, he’s trained two years in MMA exclusively.

update on Lex Luger by way of Dave Meltzer and the Wrestling Observer at

The belief now is that Lex Luger suffered a nerve impingement in the neck that led to temporary paralysis. He is still at Stanford Hospital in stable condition.

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