CiCi’s Pizza NFL picks contest

Rob’s picks were delayed in arriving because of the inclement weather at the Pleasant Garden Airport but we will have those up here for you later this afternoon.

SkyBus has arrived in Greensboro and with them come Rob’s picks:

My apologies for the abridged version this week. Here are my picks…. Indianapolis vs Carolina (IND) – Carolina can’t keep up in this one. Colts by 14

Detroit vs Chicago (CHI) – Greise leads the Bears to a huge divisional win. Bears by seven.

Pittsburgh vs Cincinnati (PIT) – Pittsburgh rebounds, Bengals continue inept play. Steelers by 10.

NY Giants vs Miami (NYG) – Miami stinks, even in the U.K. Giants by 20.

Philadelphia vs Minnesota (PHI) – Donovan’s blackness won’t stop him this week. Eagles by a FG.

Cleveland vs St. Louis (STL) – Saint Louis finally wins. Rams by 10.

Oakland vs Tennessee (TEN) – Tennessee grinds this one out. Titans by three.

Buffalo vs NY Jets (BUF) – Jets lead early, fall behind late. Bills by seven.

Houston vs San Diego (SD) – Chargers win regardless of where the game is played. SD by 14.

Jacksonville vs Tampa Bay (TB) – Jacksonville’s short week won’t help them. Buc’s by 10.

Washington vs New England (NE) – No missed FG’s to win this one. Patriots by 17.

New Orleans vs San Francisco (NO) – Saints should continue their winning ways of late. New Orleans by a FG. Total points for Skins-Pats will be 45.

Carr will start, but Testeverde should.

Big Jim went 11-2 last week and here’s his calls of the week for October 28 in the National Football League. FYI:We are looking at getting Paul’s Picks over here in this weekly roundup and if we do we call his portion, “If I Was a Bedding Man”. Paul Lambeth has become a Big Player at the site this week.

Here’s how Big Jim sees it:
N.Y. Giants vs. Miami at London(N.Y. Giants)
Detroit at Chicago(Detroit)
Oakland at Tennessee(Tennessee)
Cleveland at St. Louis(Cleveland)
Philadelphia at Minnesota(Minnesota)
Pittsburgh at Cincinnati(Pittsburgh)
Indianapolis at Carolina(Indianapolis)
Buffalo at N.Y. Jets(N.Y. Jets)
Houston at San Diego(San Diego)
Jacksonville at Tampa Bay(Jacksonville)
New Orleans at San Francisco(San Francisco)
Washington at New England(New England)

This tie-breaker will be the total points on the Redskins-Patriots game. There is no SundayNighter because of the baseball and the Skins-Pats ought to be a Wild One. Many observers are calling this the Game of the Year.(Ronnie Millsap and Ray Charles Jr. among them)

Just for fun you need to throw in on your picks who you think should be the starting QB for the Panthers against the Colts on Sunday, Vinny or Carr? We hope to have a Corn Doug or Corn Dog to send down to the man who gets the nod.

Two CiCi’s Pizza Buffets(includes drinks) to the Picks winner and don’t forget we need the Total Points on the Skins-Pats game.(Total points scored combined between the two teams)