Free Tacos for America – Free Corndogs for Guilford County?

If you haven’t heard by now, every man, woman and child in the good ol’ USA gets a free taco next Tuesday thanks to Taco Bell and the base stealing prowess of Jacoby Ellsbury. Taco Bell’s “Tacos for America” promised to give everybody in America a free crunchy beef taco on Tuesday, October 30th between 2-5 pm if there was a stolen base in the World Series. Well, the Red Sox and Rockies came up empty in Game One on Wednesday but as a hungry America looked on in Game Two, the Rockies’ Ellsbury swiped a base in the fourth inning and there it was – a free taco for everyone. This is not a new promotion but I have got to admit, I like it.

It is so good in fact, it got me to thinking.’s own Andy Durham is something of an advertising and marketing dynamo. He is also the play by play voice for high school football every Friday night on AM 950, WPET. Hmm….what about a similar promotion on the local level during the state high school football playoffs? Now there is an idea to get behind but like all great ideas in the early stages – it needs to be refined.

Obviously, you can’t steal a base during a football game so we need to find something else that will trigger the winning. I have given this some thought (about 5 minutes worth) and have an idea. If anyone kicks a field goal of 40 yards or longer during a playoff game which Andy and crew are covering, everybody in Guilford County wins! That sounds good enough. It is hard but not that hard.

So, what do we win? Thats a good question. There are plenty of good places to eat in Guilford County and surely one of these fine establishments would love to get in on the action. What about Beef Burger on West Lee Street? A free Beef Burger for everyone in Guilford County. Maybe Yum-Yums? A free hotdog from this Spring Garden Street landmark would certainly be a hit. Then there is Cook-Out. They have great food. How about a free corn dog? I love corn dogs. Let’s not forget about George’s Pizza and Sub. A free sub sounds nice. Maybe Stamey’s would offer up a free Bar-BQ sandwich for all the folks of Guilford County to enjoy? I am sure there are many others that I am leaving out but there are a few to get the ball rolling.

To promote this contest, maybe our own Paul Lambeth could be on site every Friday night dressed as a burger or a hotdog or maybe even a corn dog. This could generate a lot of interest among those in attendance.

Those are just of a few of my ideas….if you are a business owner or just have an idea, let us know. This could be the biggest promotion to ever hit this area and there is only one spot left on this train. By the way, enjoy your free taco Tuesday afternoon. I’ll see you there!

4 thoughts on “Free Tacos for America – Free Corndogs for Guilford County?

  1. hey, why don’t you dudes get Waffle House to give away a free waffle like they do at the Hoppers game. that would be awesome!

  2. Is this guy serious? Is this really going to happen? I would love to see this guy from here dressed up like a corndog. Priceless! 🙂

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