Indianapolis DJ misinformed on WORLD RECORD – Falls Short by 39 Hours

As Andy reported back in August, WUAG-FM’s John Walker broadcast for 175 Hours. Unfortunately, the way the records people work, it takes some time for the new records to get posted.

So some poor smuck in Indianapolis, Indiana this past week broke the OLD record. Unlike John, he could only do a few more hours and went 11 hours longer than the previous record of 125 hours for a grand total of 136 Hours.

If the person had even “googled” the world record, he would have realized that he was 39 Hours SHORT!

28 thoughts on “Indianapolis DJ misinformed on WORLD RECORD – Falls Short by 39 Hours

  1. It pays to be prepared, recordsetters!

    I wonder if The Fonz and Pinky Tuscadero had these troubles when they were jumping the sharks and whatnot? Setting a record that was an old record. If their handlers let that happen, you know some heads would have rolled.

  2. The crazy thing is…this dude still THINKS he is the record holder. That is really sad. The station will continue to promote him as such and I guess at least the folks in Indy and this guy will think he is the record holder.

  3. I’ve written to several places pushing this story informing them of their oversite. Unfortunately, as we already know, the media does not research – they repeat what is fed them.

    The wheels are coming off this joker’s attempt as people look at it further. The station broadcast NBA games during his “record”, he violated other requirements. Yet the press is ashamed to retract their front page mistake because it would confirm their ignorance and failure to check the facts.

  4. I talked to someone in Indy this morning who said John’s record didn’t count because he was a “college student”. I sent them a link to our story as well as the N&R story. When I called back they said, “This MUST be a mistake”. I told them “Yes, on your part!” Now, I feel bad for this guy…I read his blog and he seems like a stand up fellow. I just don’t like seeing John’s record disregarded.

  5. Question -what do you jerks get out of trying to disprove Matt’s record? Matt put a lot of work into breaking the record and you asses seem almost happy to try and ruin it. As far as I am concerned, Matt is the new record holder until someone proves otherwise.

  6. Dan, I’m sorry that Matt and the staff at WKLU failed to research the World Record. Why not try again and this time, try to adhere to the requirements set forth instead of just claiming you did it.

  7. Dan and Matt should have done their research and gone 176 hours and we would not have this dispute and I just wonder Johnny Walker is thinking about all of this mess.

  8. Look guys, you have done nothing to prove to me that Matt is not the record holder. No offense but this site is far from credible. Matt is actually working with the people at Guiness where as I imagine this college kid was just winging it. Nice try guys but Matt has the record until someone proves otherwise. By the way, 175 hours straight would be impossible unless this dude is a cheater or Superman.

  9. The guy that broke the record was 38 years old and he did at WUAG 103.1 the UNCG campus station. He started at like 6am one Monday morning and stopped the following Monday at 1pm in the afternoon. This web site is not only credible it is incredible and station manager Jack Boney at WUAG will back me up on all that we have printed here. I have been in he radio business for 21 years this month and I am sure we are not as great here in Greensboro as you people are back there in Indiana but we do work Hard For Our Money and Donna Sumner is my second cousin. I will have Jack Boney and his representatives at WUAG contact your people and if we are wrong we will send you an official ten pound bucket of pure North Carolina Turkey manure for Thanksgiving.

    Johnny Walker broke the record and the record does not become official until the Guiness people confirm everything. Our lawyer Mike Barber will be in touch with your mayor in the next few days and that’s the bottome because Stone Cold Cockman said so. I was there for six of the eight days Walker was on the air and saw him doing the do. Dan you don’t want to go messing around with Barber, Walker or Cockman.

    I have been in and out of Dorthea Dix Hospital for the past 30 years so don’t go throwing trash at my crib either brother.

  10. Don’t take OUR word for it, look at, Wired, and the Greensboro News & Record (easy links):
    Radio Online:
    Greensboro News & Record:

    Then you can contact anyone of the THREE TELEVISION STATIONS – Gannett’s WFMY-TV2, FOX’s WGHP-TV8 and Hearst-Argle’s WXII-TV12 – they all covered it.

    Plus, from what I am seeing on the forums, the “world record stunt” has been revealed as blown. Matt did not even follow the standards set forth by Guinness. Better luck with you next promotion, and remember to use Google first to see if you are not repeating a previous attempt.

    BTW, if you read the articles, you can see how John did it. Plus it helps to have the support of the community. Even other radio stations covered his effort.

  11. I’m really glad to see that we are defending our own in this battle of Marathon DJ’ing. This is just a stupid stunt for these guys up in Indy. Its a total sham. Guinness needs to ante up and set things right!

  12. I just spoke to a young woman at a television station in Indy within the hour. I think that this was not a real attempt at the record but rather a ratings stunt by WKLU. If you remember, John had plenty of restrictions set forth by the Guinness people. It seems that Matt Albro did not follow the same guidelines. He actually left the station a number of times and called in on a cell phone every once in a while. I was really feeling bad for Matt as I assumed he took this as seriously as Johnny did but just made a terrible mistake. As Rob just said, “This was a total sham”. We are damn proud of John Walker and you better believe we are going to defend him and his record. I would suggest that Dan go back to where ever came from if he can’t get his facts straight.

  13. That will teach those characters to try and bamboozzle the crew. I never did like the Jacksons or the state of Indiana. WKLU and Matt Albrotross are going to be in some deep doo doo when Don Emus and Al Sharpton get wind of this.

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  15. Let me be the first to ask fellas. What does any of this have to do with sports?? Don and Doug are both way too overzealous about this whole thing. Are you guys related to this Walker kid or something? Both of you guys are calling people in Indiana like you are Mike Wallace from 60 Minutes. “I just got off the phone with Indy a few minutes ago” – you sound like a couple nuts. This seems like Andy thinks this is a joke and the other guys think this is earth shattering news. What does Johnny Walker have to say about all this? Johnny where are you??

  16. John’s record was set back in August. Andy being a fellow broadcaster covered it because, frankly, there wasn’t much else going on at the time. Phone Calls are CHEAP (Skype Out is $30 for unlimited out-bound calls for me, Doug probably has unlimited minutes.) FYI, I didn’t call, no reason.

    Doug and I are Ex-TV’ers. AND IT IS BORING on Monday. Plus some of the Indy people are name calling.

    Did I mention, we are bored?

  17. I worked with DJ O-Boy at WQFS on the DJ O-Boy and Dr. D Show. It may have been one of the worst shows ever but it was still a pretty good time. We played funk, soul and R&B. Sometimes, when we got bored we played other stuff too. You might say, we invented the Jack/Random (Simon in this area) format. If we worked for WKLU we would definitely take credit for inventing it whether we really did or not.

  18. So what is it that you guys want? A public apology from WKLU? Would you like Matt to go on CNN or Fox News Channel and “admit” he is some sort of fraud? Much like Charlie, I question what you people’s motivation is? What is the big deal? Matt and WKLU were trying to do something fun and get the community involved along the way. Matt was going for a world record because records are supposed to be fun. You people are acting like this is something super serious. Matt Albro is a good guy. You are making him out to be a bad guy and he is not. Talk to anybody who has ever worked with Matt and they will tell you as much. Again, what is the big deal? The way you make it sound, I doubt this Walker kid had nearly as much fun as Matt did when he went for the record.

  19. WE CRY UNCLE!!!! We concede. Matt had FUN; however, John Walker is in contention for the World Record as determined by the only organization that certifies such things – The Guinness World Records. If you want I can spray paint an old album gold and send him a Gold Record as well.

    According to everyone I know, John had fun as well; but probably not as much as Matt because John was attempting a CERTIFIED world record and not some hacked up publicity stunt.

  20. Hi Dan,
    You may know me from my award winning program on NBC, “To Catch a Predator.” We were doing the show up in Indy a few weeks ago baiting older men with a 12 year old boy and I had the pleasure of meeting Matt. He was a polite young man and promised that he had never done anything like that before, but as is customary with the show, the authorities had to process him correctly. I’m sure the protective devices he brought were only by coincidence and I’m glad to see he made bail before the radio station did the stunt. Please let him know that we at NBC wish him well and that regardless of his life choices, there are no hard feelings on our end. I’m sure it was all in good fun.
    Chris Hanson

    (Editor’s Note – This is post is not-verified, as with all our comments as we try to maintain an open service.)

  21. I am assuming that this is a joke. I pray that it is. This Hanson guy is no joke but this sounds a little far fetched to me. On a side note, I heard the other day that the NHL was trying cash in on the success of “To Catch a Predator” with a new reality show called “To Catch a Nashville Predator”. I am looking forward to watch it.

  22. I posted a comment on Matt Albro’s blog on earlier today asking him if he was going to try and beat the actual record now that it had been proved he was in error. In reponse, Mr. Albro erased my comment. So much for any dialogue on that venue.

    Sounds like this radio station is facing a great deal of embarrassment if this gets out to the public. As has been shown, they have carried out a half assed, incorrect strategy in order to “win” this award that they failed to do any prior research on. Once informed of their mistakes, rather than own up to them, they are hiding them. What a bunch of morons. They sucked Sammy Hagar, the Governor, they even conned Craig Kilborn into this web of lies. Hopefully they will burn for it.

    Go New England!

  23. [adopts Andy Kaufman’s wrestling accent] I guess we all here in North Carolina should all be impressed by a big bunch of lies because a bunch of wacky morning zoo dj’s [hits cowbell] from Indee-an-app-aliss [flails arms about head and neck in ecstasy] told us they were true? And we should all celebrate what those lying dj’s did, because we were told to?

    I scoff because it’s funny.

    I want to claim my own records and no one can say it’s not true if WKLU can! lmao

  24. Okay,

    Since Mr. Walker has completed 175 hours already, he is more than welcome to complete another 137 hours to beat Matt’s unofficial record.


  25. i am more than captivated by the above comments. Listen to me closely : 1) I NEVER LEFT THE STUDIO (except to piss) 2) I talked after EVERY track 3) I had witnesses (reporters,etc) to stop by in the middle of the nite 4) this event was LIVE online too 5) tokyo, malaysia ( look up the time difference) Ireland, the UK and many other countries/states TUNED IN…once again GOOGLE dj johnny walker wuag…the proof is in in the MIX you punkass wannabees !

  26. punk— wannabees…obviously, a communications major………let me here you say-may I take your order.

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