CiCi’s Pzza NFL picks contest

The BIG GAME is on Sunday afternoon this week with New England at Indianapolis, Colts/Patriots going at it and there’s a pretty good Sunday night matchup with Dallas at Philadelphia.

Rob’s selections:(Rob is 16-9 over the past two weeks)

San Francisco vs. Atlanta (SF) – While its not the ultimate battle of terrible teams, its pretty close. 49er’s by three.

Cincinnati vs Buffalo (CIN) – Bengals need a short memory this year given their awful play. Sheer talent alone will win them this one. Cincy by a TD.

Denver vs Detroit (DET) – Denver had a tough loss on Monday vs. GB. Look for the Lions to pull this one out given their full week of recovery. Detroit by 10.

Green Bay vs Kansas City (GB) – Green Bay is on a roll this year and we look for them to stay the course this week. Packers by seven.

San Diego vs Minnesota (SD) – Just when you thought the Chargers had pulled a “Lambeth” for the season, they turned the table and started winning. San Deigo by 14.

Jacksonville vs New Orleans (NO) – New Orleans should be able to take advantage of home field and the Jag’s QB inexperience. Saints by seven.

Washington vs NY Jets (WAS) – Washington gets a break in playing the Jets after last week’s debacle. Skins by 10.

Arizona vs Tampa Bay (TB) – Tampa Bay should pull this one out against a Cardinal’s team that couldn’t even beat the Panthers. Bucs by a FG.

Carolina vs Tennessee (CAR) – Call me a homer. I’m picking the Panthers and it makes no sense whatsoever. Carolina by three.

Seattle vs Cleveland – (CLE) – Have the Brown’s turned the corner? We think so. Cleveland by 10.

New England vs Indianapolis – (NE) Video tapes!?! We don’t need no stink’n video tapes! Patriots by 17.

Houston vs Oakland (OAK) – Coin flip goes to the home team. Hopefully nobody around here will actually be subjected to watching this one. Raiders by seven.

Dallas vs Philadelphia (DAL) – Romo vs. McNabb? With Philly, it’s not a black thing, but an inconsistent one. Cowboys by 10. Total points for Sunday night? 45.

Big Jim’s picks:(Jim is 20-5 over the last two weeks)

Denver at Detroit(Detroit)
Carolina at Tennessee(Tennessee)
San Diego at Minnesota(Minnesota)
Washington at N.Y. Jets(Washington)
San Francisco at Atlanta(Atlanta)
Cincinnati at Buffalo(Buffalo)
Jacksonville at New Orleans(New Orleans)
Green Bay at Kansas City(Kansas City)
Arizona at Tampa Bay(Tampa Bay)
Seattle at Cleveland(Seattle)
Houston at Oakland(Houston)
New England at Indianapolis(New England)
Dallas at Philadelphia(Dallas)
*****Dallas-Philadelphia is the SundayNighter, give us the total points on that game for the tie-breaker*****

Get ready to win two pizza buffets with drink included from CiCi’s Pizza.